A conversation with Deepanshu Malviya (Co-founder Misfits) – ex cofounder of Shuttl

Welcome to Episode 1 of our Podcast: Simplify Work With Asanify!


Today, our Founder, Priyom Sarkar is in conversation with Deepanshu Malviya. Deepanshu is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and ISB. He is also the former Co-founder of Shuttl and has recently started his new venture, Misfits. From starting his career as an engineer who is extremely passionate about coding to realising his dream as an entrepreneur, his journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster.



In this podcast, we dive deep into the fascinating journey of an engineer-turned-founder who dared to disrupt the traditional transportation industry with his revolutionary ideas. We take you through his journey which started out way back when he graduated from ISB in 2006, then moved to Jabong, started Shuttl and now is finally working on his most recent and newest idea which is Misfits!


We will explore Deepanshu’s journey from ideation to launch as he shares his valuable insights on how he turned his vision into a reality, how he came up with the idea of Shuttl, the challenges he faced and how he overcame these obstacles and reached where he is today!


A journey of an entrepreneur and his or her startup is never an easy one. The path is filled with ups and downs. But what sets successful entrepreneurs apart is their ability to take calculated risks, persevere through challenges, and continuously adapt to changing circumstances. And that is exactly what Deppanshu did during Shuttl. Over multiple iterations after their initial idea of a startup around content, they finalized a business idea that helped many people in their daily commute, through Shuttl’s intra-city transportation system.

Key Insights

“Early on we wanted to make sure that anyone who is joining us, knows what we are trying to do and is aligned with what we are trying to do. Because early on, honestly, all a startup has, are its co-founders. You know, largely, so for an employee joining any person at least early on, is not only joining Shuttl right, he or she is joining Deepanshu or joining Amit”

~ Deepanshu Malviya, Former co-founder of Shuttle and Founder of Misfits


Deepanshu also talks to us about how, as startups, especially early-stage ones, hiring new talent can be challenging. Employees do not join a company’s brand name, because the brand isn’t well established yet. They essentially join the founder or co-founder. It’s a matter of trust between the new employee and the core team of the start-up. Deepanshu talks about how he and his co-founder Amit, created a hiring process for Shuttl in such a way that over the first 3 years, they themselves interviewed (at some point during the hiring process) every single employee who was onboarded. And, if interviewing every single new joinee was logistically challenging, they made sure to at least have a conversation, maybe over lunch with them, to ensure that there was a culture fit between Shuttl and the new employee.


Overall, Deepanshu’s journey as a startup founder is proof of the power of persistence, innovation, and hard work. He is an inspiration to anyone who is looking to make a difference in the world through entrepreneurship, and we are excited to see where his vision and passion will take him in the future.


In today’s episode, Deepanshu talks about the things that lead him to become an Entrepreneur, what his journey with Shuttl was like, and how he ended up starting his latest company Misfits. So, whether you’re an engineer looking to take the leap into entrepreneurship, a startup founder navigating the challenges of growth or simply curious about what it takes to make it in the world of entrepreneurship, we hope you find this episode to be informative and thought-provoking!

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Check out Misfits journey here: https://www.misfits.zone/

Follow Deepanshu here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deepanshu-malviya/

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