Content writer job description: Write a superb one in less than 2 minutes

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A job description is the absolute initial thing a candidate notices before they apply for any role. A content writer looking for a new job will go through a JD and then decide if they wish to apply or not. So, writing a content writer job description that is really really good is imperative

In this blog, I have covered everything you should know about the role of a content writer. I have also added a downloadable template so that you don’t have the headache of writing one yourself!

Download the Job description template for a content writer!


Who is a content writer?

A person who writes relevant content for multiple channels that a company uses. These channels could include social media, blogs on the company website as well as 3rd party platforms. They work either under the content manager or marketing head and in most cases work on online or digital content.

They are responsible for researching topics to write about, being up to date with industry trends and proofreading content before it has to be published.

What does a content writer’s profile look like?

So, what do they do? I have given a brief description of what content writers do because the details about responsibilities, day-to-day tasks, qualifications and other requirements are all mentioned in the template you can download from here!

He or She does most of the following things

  1. Writes blogs for the company website
  2. Research new topics based on the company requirements and industry trends
  3. Writes copy for social media
  4. Conduct keyword search and SEO related tasks

Things to remember while writing a content writer job description

Perfect language with no errors is a must for a content writer job description

Make sure the language is flawless! This job description is at the end of the day meant for a writer!

Know the difference between these roles while writing a content writer job description

Very often people confuse the following roles

  • Copywriter
  • Content writer
  • SEO expert
  • Website manager
  • Blogger

It is important that you know the difference to ensure that you write an accurate content writer job description!

Content writer duties

Well, this one goes without saying. But be descriptive while writing this job description and mention day to day tasks.

This is also a good place to mention the theme of the content on your website, the tone of the current content and the overall feel of your company blog. After all, your content writer must maintain that and be in sync with all these things.

An important part of the JD is the requirements of the content writer  

Here you should mention qualifications, soft skills, and work experience if applicable.

Best channels to post a content writer job description

Ideal places to post the JD that you could consider while deciding where to share a content writer’s JD are

  1. 3rd party websites like Glassdoor or etc.
  2. Your own website’s career page (which you can do via our very own Asanify software too!)
  3. LinkedIn is a really effective platform on which you can share JDs
  4. If you are considering looking for freshers, you could also either
    • Internshala-> hire interns and keep them on trial or probation. If they perform well, then you can take them on full-time
    • Get in touch with institutions that have BA courses, that allow students to major in Marketing, English, or even institutes that have B.M.S (Bachelor in Management studies) or Business administration related courses. You can hire final year students and onboard them after they have graduated

Content writer job description – Summary

content writer

Content writer job description – FAQs

What are the duties of a content writer?

There are many responsibilities that include
1. Researching industry-related topics
2. Writing blogs for the website
3. Generating content for social media
4. Submit work to editors for input and approval

What are the skills required by a content writer?

Some of the skillsets needed are
1. Eye for detail
2. Good command of the language required to write in (most cases English)
3. Ability to work under deadlines
4. Research skills
5. Communication skills (both written and oral)

What is content writing?

It is the task of writing content – blogs, copy for social media etc.

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