An org chart that is simply the best for your business

With Asanify's Organization Chart, you'll never have to worry about drawing an Organization chart ever again! Every time you add a new employee to Asanify, this chart will automatically update itself based on the employee's role and designation.

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Asanify Human Resources Management Services is here to help.

Do you know what an Org Chart is?

An org chart is a tree diagram that represents your organization's structure. It showcases the interconnection between the various roles and designations within the company.

Things like who is whose boss, segregation of departments teams and so on etc., are shown very clearly through an Organization chart.

Automatically updates when new employees are added

This chart will update automatically every time you add a new employee to Asanify, based on the employee's job role and department name!

You will be able to see where this employee fits in the organization and who the new employee's managers and/or reportees are.

Easy to access org chart, even via mobile phone

You don't need to constantly log in from your laptop if you want to access the Organization Chart.

With the easy-to-use mobile version, you and your employees can check out the Organization Chart while on the go... Anywhere, anytime!

Manage employees better with an interactive org chart

Every single person in the organization can view the Organization Chart and as a result, there's zero confusion regarding who reports to whom.

Zoom in to any section to see every single detail or zoom out for an overview of the company structure! All with just one click!

Here's what some of our users have to say about our Org chart and us!

Asanify Org Chart has helped me immensely. The org chart is extremely fancy and depicts the entire org structure very clearly. Even my employees know exactly where they stand in the hierarchy of the organization and this is very important! I must say that Asanify makes the HR operations Asaan for organizations.

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Anisha Yadav
HR Head, BeGig

Asanify Services is just too good and amazing. This service is really preferable and better than hiring an HR team. Since the employees too can access the org chart, they know they are part of something larger - Asanify has made my employees feel more and more empowered. It's one of the best services I have received from them.

agpaytech tanuja

Tanuja Saikia,
HR Head, Agpaytech

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