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About Asanify HR Excellence Awards

Welcome to Asanify HR Excellence Awards, where we celebrate and honor the outstanding achievements of organizations that are using Asanify's platform to transform their HR and Payroll Management process. There are multiple categories of recognition that have been created in order to acknowledge those companies, or teams, who have demonstrated exceptional performance and innovation in their day-to-day HR operations, thereby contributing to the overall success of the company. This recognition is based on the valuable insights garnered from Asanify's platform usage, employee surveys, and various other methods including social media voices. It acknowledges those who have gone above and beyond to create a positive and engaging workplace environment. These awards reflect our dedication in recognizing and promoting HR excellence in diverse aspects of organization management.

Asanify HR Excellence - Evaluation Parameters


Process Execution

Applicant tracking

Employee Activity


Social Share


Tech Adoption 

Timely execution of HR Processes, from payroll execution to approvals, to enhance the overall organizational efficiency

Employees' activity rate on the Company's HR System, measured across multiple functions like Leave, Attendance etc.

Announcements, and social sharing of Company updates Job postings, New Employee hiring, Promotions etc.

Validation of Company's ability to adopt new technology and drive multifunctional usage  for people management

Asanify HR Excellence: Badges

HR Operational Excellence Award
Transformation Excellence Awards

Asanify badges represent a powerful recognition of HR excellence within companies. These badges serve as a prestigious mark of distinction, signifying a commitment to outstanding human resource practices. For companies, earning an Asanify badge comes with a range of benefits. Firstly, it enhances their reputation in the industry, showcasing their dedication to creating a positive and innovative workplace culture. This recognition can also help in attracting top talent, as job seekers are often drawn to organizations that prioritize HR excellence. Furthermore, Asanify badges can serve as a benchmark for continuous improvement, encouraging companies to consistently excel in their HR operations. Ultimately, these badges not only celebrate past achievements but also inspire ongoing efforts to maintain and elevate HR standards, benefiting both the company and its employees.

HR Operational Excellence Award Winner, 2023


Nuvoretail stands as India's leading E-Commerce enablement and consultancy solutions provider, dedicated to helping brands thrive in the dynamic world of online commerce. With a commitment to innovation and client success, Nuvoretail offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to elevate brands in the digital landscape. Asanify aids Nuvoretail in driving innovation by taking care of all its HR and payroll processes and automating these with cutting-edge technology.

About Vishal Sharma:

  • Founder and CEO @Nuvoretail
  • Building innovative solutions with Analytics
  • Started Nuvoretail, consisting of a team of dedicated E-Commerce Professionals
  • On a mission to offer the most optimal end-to-end data-driven consultancy solutions for clients
Nuvo _op

HR Operational Excellence Award Winner, 2023


Stader Labs is a forward-thinking blockchain service-based company with a mission to democratize access to sustainable staking yields from digital assets. Committed to making a positive impact, Stader Labs envisions bringing its innovative solutions to over 1 billion users worldwide. With Asanify's HRMS suite, Stader Labs has succeeded in saving their precious time as, everything starting from payroll run to employee management, has been automated miraculously.

HR Operational Excellence Award
stader _op

About Ramashis Biswas:

  • Head- HR at Stader Labs
  • On a goal to fetch sustainable staking yields from digital assets to 1Bn+ users
  • A bustling community of 85K+ users

HR Operational Excellence Award Winner, 2023

Operational HR Excellence Award 2023


Open Secret is on a mission to redefine the landscape of food and beverages by un-junking the way people snack and dine. Specializing in offering a range of healthy foods, snacks, and gift packages, Open Secret is the ultimate gateway to guilt-free indulgence. To empower the team of Open Secret in striding ahead towards their mission, Asanify takes complete care of its employee management and otherwise time-consuming payroll process, via automation.

About Kimberley Pinto

  • HR Executive at Open Secret
  • Un-junking the way Indian snacks are prepared
  • Promoting overall wellness through its array of healthy food items, devoid of preservatives, oil, and chemicals
opensecret _op

HR Operational Excellence Award Winner, 2023


Agpay Tech Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic player in the financial services sector, dedicated to revolutionizing payment solutions with a strong emphasis on client-centricity and customer orientation. Positioned at the intersection of technology and finance, Agpay Tech is on a mission to offer innovative and seamless payment solutions that prioritize the needs and preferences of its clients and end-users. Asanify has streamlined work for Agpaytech by arming them with a robust HRMS tool.

HR Operational Excellence Award
agpay _op

About Tanuja Saikia:

  • HR-Lead at AgPay Tech
  • Denoting the synergy of technology with finance
  • Driving innovation and bringing top-notch IT solutions to the table

HR Operational Excellence Award Winner, 2023

Operational Excellence Award in HR


CPQ Experts Pvt. Ltd. stands at the forefront of IT solutions, specializing in the delivery of top-notch Oracle CPQ Cloud implementations. With an allegiance to excellence and innovation, CPQ Experts is your trusted partner for seamless integration and optimization of Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) solutions. While CPQ Experts focuses on delivering top-notch solutions to their clients, Asanify has taken the weight off their shoulders by streamlining the entire HR and payroll processes.

About Shweta Verma:

  • Head HR and Project Manager at CPQ Experts
  • Aiding in fostering growth in CPQ Experts, a professional web development, mobile application, and digital marketing company
  • Striding ahead with teamwork, excellence, and transparency
cpq _op

HR Operational Excellence Award Winner, 2023


The Able Mind has been started, keeping in mind, the importance of mental well-being and the vitality of healthy relationships. Its dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing top-notch mental health support and relationship counseling services. While The Able Mind moves ahead in achieving its noble aim, Asanify helps them gain peace of mind by taking care of every aspect of HR, leave management, payroll, etc.

HR Operational Excellence Award
ablemind _op

About Rajeev Vijayan:

  • CEO & Co-Founder at The Able Mind
  • On a mission to provide accessible, affordable, and holistic mental health care
  • Aiming to change the social narrative around mental health and leave behind a positive impact

HR Transformation Excellence Award Winner, 2023

HR Transformation Excellence Award 2023

RAMNATH IYER - ESG Data & Solutions

ESG Data Solutions has emerged as a trailblazer in the financial industry, offering a comprehensive suite of services that position it as the go-to destination for financial institutions navigating the complexities of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data. Asanify is proud to extend an arm of assistance by managing their payroll and employees via dedicated leave, expense, time-off, and other diverse HR modules.

About Ramnath Iyer:

  • CEO at ESG Data & Solutions
  • Building a one-stop platform for financial institutions
  • Aiding clients with ESG data and relevant domain expertise

HR Transformation Excellence Award Winner, 2023

KAVITA MADAN - Directshifts

Hinging on the sector of healthcare, Directshifts is a staffing marketplace striding ahead on its goal to connect healthcare professionals to healthcare employers, directly. While Directshifts focuses on bridging the gap between clinicians and the apt opportunities that await them, Asanify aids them in taking care of every aspect of HR and payroll process via automation.


About Kavita Madan:

  • Senior Manager- Talent at Directshifts
  • Arming clinicians with the right support to ensure that they provide their patients with the best care
  • Making a major breakthrough by transforming the process of healthcare recruiting into a transparent, seamless and cost-effective one

HR Transformation Excellence Award Winner, 2023

Transformation Excellence Award

UPENDER VANAM - Guru Nanak Institutions

Guru Nanak Institutions (GNI) stands as a beacon of educational excellence, offering a diverse range of programs to shape the future of aspiring students. With a commitment to holistic development and industry-focused education, GNI has emerged as a leading institution in providing quality education in fields such as BTech, MBA, Pharmacy, BDS, and more. To ensure they get to focus on their aim, Asanify has emerged as their trusted HRMS partner, simplifying payroll execution and every kind of employee management procedures, starting from tracking employee attendance to approving expense reimbursement requests.

About Upender Vanam:

  • HR at GNI, a glorious institution delivering 23 years of educational excellence
  • One of the largest educational groups in India
  • 10,000+ placements offered at GNI
GNI_trans (4)

HR Transformation Excellence Award Winner, 2023

MAYURI AGARWAL - Agarwal Group

Agrawal Group of Publications stands as a distinguished establishment committed to the noble pursuit of education. With a rich legacy of fostering knowledge and empowering minds, this publishing house operates through three subsidiaries, each dedicated to crafting educative books tailored for distinct levels of academic pursuit. To ensure that they get to focus on what they are good at- scaling the business, Asanify has stepped in to automate their payroll and various employee management tasks- starting from generating offer letters, payslips to tracking their attendance, and much more.


About Mayuri Agarwal:

  • Head of Information Technology at Agrawal Group of Publications
  • Top publishers in Indian education space since 1945
  • Conglomerate of three brands- Educart, Agarwal Examcart, and Agrawal Publications

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