Your 1-Stop Solution for Contractor Management and Payroll

Experience a zero-hassle Contractor Management Software with Asanify's fully automated Payroll & Invoicing solution, with the power of a robust HRMS.

Choose your own Paycycle with weekly/ monthly payouts

Consolidated payouts for Contractors and auto Invoice generation

Choose the Direct Debit option from your Bank Account

Robust HRMS to track your Contractor Attendance & Time-offs

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Experience the #1Rated Payroll Software by G2, Capterra and Software Suggest

Asanify is a leader in Asia Pacific Core HR on G2
Asanify is a leader in Mid-Market Core HR on G2
Asanify is a leader in Mid-Market Core HR on G2
Asanify is a leader in Mid-Market Core HR on G2


  • Auto-generated Invoice as you run the Payroll

  • Record Invoice Period basis your Pay Cycle

  • Customize Fields recorded in the Invoice

  • All Mandatory Details auto-populated

  • Record Payment Method & Currency

  • Bank Details recorded automatically

  • Add any Expenses / Bonus / Deductions

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Asanify makes your Contractor & Payroll Management ridiculously Easy

Consolidated Payouts linked to your Bank

  • Integrate your Bank for a direct debit of Payroll
  • Consolidated payouts for all your Contractors
  • Safe, Secure and Trusted by 1500+ Customers

View Real-time Attendance status of employees 

  • Admins and Managers can view real-time attendance for Contractors
  • Geo-tagging of Location while marking Attendance
  • Create a Geo-fence to enable Location-based access

Auto-Invoice Generation for your Payroll

  • Real-time Invoice generation as you run the Payroll
  • Contractor self-serve access to download Invoices
  • Customize your Invoice to suit local compliances

Fully Automated HR Management System

  • End to end HRMS to manage Contractor Documents, Time-Offs, Goal-setting and Expense Reimbursements
  • Access HRMS through Website, Mobile App, or even through platforms like Whatsapp, Slack & MS Teams

1500+ Startups and SMEs trust Asanify across US, Canada, Europe and Asia

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ISB attendance management system
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Here’s what some of our users have to say about Asanify:

The hassles around ensuring timely monthly payments for my Team were immense. Given my weekly payout cycles, I seem to be always busy with payroll related activities. With Asanify, I can literally do this all at the click of a button. I feel so much more in control, with no delays in payouts. Asanify really is as good as it gets.

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TagMango - a Y Combinator Funded Startup

Clients, these days, are very demanding, and rightfully so. With my delivery teams working across multiple projects, I had to manually track the Units of Payments for my Contractors' payroll. I needed not just a Payroll solution but Invoicing with all the details. Asanify solves both of these requirements in 1 seamless platform.

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Business Owner, New Jersey, USA