Step by Step guide to create a Professional looking Career Page

Step by Step guide to create a Professional looking Career Page

You may have done great work to improve the design of your website, and probably you are also now getting a lot of leads every month. But what if you don’t have a strong enough team to handle these clients – this is why attracting potential employees for your company is equally, if not more important. How will you do that?

 You can make an exceptional Career Page for your company, that will not only attract good candidates but will also make them hit that apply button. Here is a step-by-step guide that covers all the information on how to make a professional career page.

What is a career page?

A career page is a publicly available webpage for the company, that hosts all the vacant positions that the company may be looking to hire for. Apart from being a central repository of all job listings, it also tells a candidate about the company’s vision, mission, and culture.

A career page is your Company’s personal pitch to a potential candidate about your business philosophy.

You might share this page on various job listing platforms, or social media handles for visibility and coverage. And ultimately, your prospective candidates will land on this page. 

According to a survey, 63% of job seekers admit that a company’s career page is the most valuable resource to find more information about a company.

Creating a good career page is almost a prerequisite for you to attract the best potential candidates for any role.

Candidates also want an easy-to-understand and simple job description. Making sure your job description is simple, whilst including all the necessary details makes for a good career page.

Why have a career page?

According to the recruiting trend of 2020, the top 1000 companies publish 86.4% of their job listings on their career page.

The study also predicts that the company’s own career website will become more and more relevant in the future. Today 9 out of 10 companies expect their career page to be used more effectively.

Just imagine the kind of advantage you will get by having your company’s own career page, as compared to when you just simply make a list of vacancies on some job portal:

Saves Time: It’s time-saving for both candidates and HR of your company, as you can make the entire application process streamlined. All the details pertaining to the position are provided in advance and appointments can be scheduled easily.

Saves Cost: It also will save your company some cost, as many of the job listings on the various portals will be chargeable in case you want to get featured in the top results. 

Customization: It gives you complete independence over the design and content of your webpage. You can include videos, blog posts, images, quotes, calendars, and whatnot.

Your career website will also get more visibility and traffic with some SEO optimization that you may choose to employ. While the overall SEO technique is outside the scope of this blog, you can always create Landing Pages with excellent copy and design to improve your search rankings.

It also allows you to be more expressive in terms of what you expect from the potential candidates, attract them with testimonials videos, explain to them your business philosophy, and sometimes even your personal story behind the business.

Overall, you have the authority and freedom as an organization to recruit the best candidate, with the best pitch and in the best possible manner for the role.

Is the LinkedIn career page worth it?

LinkedIn has grown as the most popular social media site for businesses over the years. More and more companies are shifting to LinkedIn’s career page because of its popularity. LinkedIn’s career page was created to share information about a company for its potential applicants. This can be found on the company profile page on LinkedIn.

This page gives much more information about the company and the job openings than just a standard page. As more and more job seekers are using LinkedIn for job search, using the career page can increase reach to more qualified applicants. It is easier for them to search for more information about you and your job profile.

What should be on a career page?

As learned earlier, a career page defines you, differentiates you from others, and therefore you must include all the necessary details there.

Before composing a job description and application, explain your Brand Identity, who you are, what is your story from the birth of the company to where it has come over the year. This will create that connection with a prospective candidate. 

Specifying a vision and mission will help them understand your goals better. Placing Video Testimonials on existing employees will develop trust and authority.

What is the most important thing to consider while writing a career page?

Your career page is your most significant single piece of content. It’s one of the most prominent things that anyone sees when visiting your site and, if it’s done correctly, it can generate tons of leads for you. When writing a career page, the most significant things to consider are who you are, what skills you offer, what kind of work you want to do, and what your long-term goals are.

Making your career page stand out

Many a time, a key piece of your website that may not receive much attention is the career page. And, therefore it also becomes one of the most important ways in which you can create a difference. This is the place for you to showcase your company’s culture and get people excited about working there. 

To get started, think about what you’re trying to accomplish through this page. Do you want to highlight some of your hiring stats? Tell people what it’s like to work at your company? Or share some company values?

Once you have the focus, develop an outline for how you’ll present this information on your site. The last thing you want is for potential candidates to be unimpressed with what they find when they visit your career page!

How to include relevant information successfully

—Use the white space around your text to break up the information visually.

—Use subheadings to divide your content into manageable chunks.

—Create subsections for each bullet point, so it is easy for the reader to skim through the information.

—Be sure to keep your content engaging by including relevant images, charts, and text formatting choices.

What should a career page look like?

A basic career page should be the one where you have shared a good amount of information about yourself and a cover image that highlights the company’s culture and values. Then comes the last part, which is the job description, with relevant details.

You can check out this page here:

What makes an excellent company’s career page?

There are certain things that you must ensure to have an exceptional career page. Apart from the top 5 i.e. compensation, benefits, company information, mission/vision/values, and what makes it an attractive place to work, there are a few other things you need to focus on as an HR recruiter. These are as follows: 

  • Measure the performance of your career page
  • Set up a job alert opt-in for visitors
  • Referral program 
  • Add a company’s blog
  • Jazz up your job description
  • Keep your job listings updated
  • Ensure mobile-friendliness

How to write a career page?

The success of your website’s career page depends on one key factor, i.e. how well it is written. As long as you follow some basic guidelines and include some Must-Have items, you do not need to be a literary genius.

To help you set the foundation of your career page, here are some essential items to include:

  • Company’s overview
  • Company’s value, vision, and mission
  • Company’s product/business and partnerships
  • Location and presence
  • Cultural video
  • Employee testimonial
  • Application process overview
  • Learning opportunity/what to expect
  • Job search
  • FAQs

How to write an exceptional copy of your career’s page

Speak the language of your brand — keep the description in a tone, that is the same as that of the remaining content you produce. Scroll through your website and assess your tone. Now, keeping the voice of your brand in your mind, describe your company.

Keep it brief — As most digital users have a shorter attention span, keep your content to the point and actionable for them. Do not unnecessarily elaborate on things that keep users bouncing from the page.

Important information first — We know users are impatient, therefore adding the key information first will help them save their time and click on apply button fast.

Keep it simple — There are many cases where a candidate has to go through different pages of the application to apply for the role and submit it. It can be very irritating and confusing at the same time. Keep the application process simple to use.

Never rely solely on text — plain text can become boring. Include some videos and images to make things more interactive.

Career page examples

When a potential applicant is looking for a job in a company, he looks for certain criteria that fulfill his needs or the company that fits accordingly. These could be the working environment, who you will be working with, what does the company expects from you, and more questions like that. How will you be able to find answers to these questions? The answer is simple. Yes, you guessed it right – it is by looking at the company’s career page. Here the candidates can find answers to most of the queries regarding the role that they are applying for. 

A career page is not simply a listing of jobs on your website, it is a place where you can promote your workplace, share images, videos of their employees, and describe the benefits they offer potential candidates.

Here are some of the best career pages to look at 

  1. Airbnb
  2. Pinterest
  3. Squarespace
  4. Canva
  5. Netflix

Best career page offered by Asanify

Asanify career page

Asanify HRMS offers you a career page creation with the functionality to edit each section of the page.

You can add your company logo and a banner image that describes your organization. This will act as a good employer branding opportunity for you. Overall, you can customize the look and feel of your company page by editing its typography.

You can also describe your company by adding content in About us, Culture, and describe the benefits for potential employees.

It doesn’t stop here, you can also add job listings at the end of the page to make them complete and actionable.