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  • 70+ India Contractors Payroll done is < 5 min
  • Choice of Payout Currency USD or INR
  • Real-time Invoice Generation for Contractors
  • Best-class FX Rates for Remittances
  • Overall HRMS to manage team efficiently

About DirectShifts

Given the sheer complexity of the modern medical industry, it has become increasingly difficult for facilities to find qualified professionals. The DirectShifts platform is an innovative solution that streamlines and modernizes the process of matching clinicians to jobs and on-boarding them expeditiously. Inspired out of personal need by our physician led team, we understand the plight of today's medical professionals and aim to disrupt the staffing market by empowering those providing it. Come join us in building the future of healthcare.

Meet the Team at DirectShifts

Sai Kumar Thumuluru
Chief Executive Officer

Vamshi Krishna Gunukula
Chief Operating Officer

Kavita Madan
Sr. Manager, Talent

Key Challenge faced by DirectShifts

DirectShifts, a US-based company, grappled with a pressing challenge of substantial payroll processing delays. This setback was particularly pronounced due to the engagement of contractors based in India. The intricate nature of calculating payroll for a geographically dispersed workforce, coupled with the time-consuming process of foreign remittance, created bottlenecks in timely payments. The company's reliance on a manual process introduced a persistent risk of errors, further leading to the delays and affecting accuracy.

An equally concerning issue stemmed from the lack of proper documentation, leaving contractors without tangible proof of their income. The absence of accessible pay statements and income verification generated dissatisfaction among contractors, undermining trust and commitment. This dissatisfaction among contractors further underscored the need for an efficient system that could not only process payroll accurately and swiftly but also provide tangible evidence of income.

In light of these challenges, DirectShifts recognized the necessity of reevaluating its payroll processing mechanisms. Addressing the delays, minimizing errors, and ensuring transparent income documentation became key priorities to enhance operational efficiency and maintain strong contractor relationships.


How Asanify helps DirectShifts

Asanify, a cutting-edge automation solution, has been a game-changer for DirectShifts, dramatically streamlining their operations and bolstering efficiency. With Asanify's automation capabilities, DirectShifts has reclaimed over 90% of their man-hours, enabling them to focus on strategic growth initiatives. Here's how Asanify has transformed their business:

  • Quick and Accurate Payroll Execution: Asanify's automated payroll processing has eradicated the massive delays that plagued DirectShifts. Calculating payroll for contractors based in India, and the subsequent foreign remittance, has been streamlined to a matter of clicks, ensuring timely and accurate payments.
  • Currency Flexibility for Contractors: Contractors now have the flexibility to select their preferred currency for payouts through Asanify's customizable options. This has eliminated complexities related to currency conversion and further empowered contractors.
  • All-in-One HRMS Solution: Asanify's multifaceted capabilities extend beyond payroll, providing DirectShifts with an integrated Human Resource Management System (HRMS). This comprehensive solution has centralized employee data, simplified onboarding, and facilitated seamless communication, promoting collaboration across teams.
  • Auto Invoice Generation and Income Statements: Asanify's intelligent automation generates invoices and income statements automatically, providing contractors with verifiable proof of their income. This not only addresses contractor dissatisfaction but also enhances financial transparency.


Features that DirectShifts loves in Asanify:

Contractor Payroll Management

For your Contractors, anywhere in the world, Asanify offers a fully automated solution for Payroll calculation and within 24-hour Payout

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Choice of Currency

Your contractors can choose the currency for their payment. Whether it is USD, GBP, EUR or their local currency - Asanify supports the payout in all

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All in One HRMS

Overall contractor management i.e. Leaves, Contractor Documents, Expense Reimbursements and of course Payroll and Invoicing - Asanify is a one-stop shop

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User Testimonial by DirectShifts HR Head:

Kavita Madan, HR

It is of primary importance for me at DirectShifts, that my contractors get paid on time. That is just sacrosanct. And why not, after all, this is the most basic expectation anyone would have. As a Company, we care for our Contractors and this is the way for us to show we mean it - clear, transparent, and timely payroll, always!

With Asanify, I spend literally less than 5 minutes on my Payroll. All expenses are now tracked in a streamlined manner and combined with the monthly payroll. The timely payouts, and round-the-clock customer support, makes my work-life truly simple. With Asanify I get the power of FX Payroll Transfers, combined with a robust people management platform for my end to end HR needs.

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