Hire International Contractor anywhere, and manage them effortlessly!

  • Hire and Pay International Contractors Globally
  • Localised Contracts for each Country
  • Onboarding in Minutes; Payroll in Seconds
  • Robust HRMS for Contractor Management
  • 150+ Countries supported

Hire, Onboard and Pay International Contractors in 150+ Countries using Asanify 

Subscription at USD 7.99 per Contractor. Best-in-Class FX Rates for your Payroll. No hidden charges.

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Get Started in just 1 Hour

Asanify gets you started in less than an hour. Compatibile with Google Suite, Slack, MSTeams & Whatsapp to simplify access.

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Contractor Management

Easy to use self-serve access for all your international contractors. Robust HRMS to drive contractor productivity.

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Efficient Payroll

1-click Payroll to execute your payments in multiple countries, and in multiple currencies. Auto invoicing for your contractors.

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#1 Ranked and Most Loved International Contractor Management Software

Asanify is a leader in Asia Pacific Core HR on G2
Asanify is a leader in Mid-Market Core HR on G2
Asanify is a leader in Mid-Market Core HR on G2
Asanify is a leader in Mid-Market Core HR on G2
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Get Started on Asanify in less than 1 Hour

Onboarding your international contractors and getting started with Asanify is a breeze. Our integrations with Google Sheets & Microsoft Excel make it extremely compatible for your data to be imported directly. And guess what? Our round-the-clock customer service team is available for any hand holding that your team may need.

Manage International Contractors Efficiently

From Agreement Templates, to final documentations can all be recorded on the System. Asanify allows you to automate the onboarding tasks, so you can easily create a checklist and notify the task owners. And, you can also manage their Attendance, Time-Offs, Performance and Goals & OKRs all in one place.

HR Responsibilities

Pay in Local Currency & get Best FX Rates

No need to worry if you hire contractors in different countries. Asanify allows you to run the payroll centrally, and the payout to your international contractors can be done in their local currency anywhere in the world. Not just that, our FX Rates are best in class, and you might end up saving significantly on your overall payroll cost.

1500+ Customers Globally Trust Asanify for managing their International Contractors

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Why choose Asanify for hiring and managing your International Contractors

Efficient and Most Economical

As a Startup or SME, anywhere in the world, costs are always a conern. With Asanify, be rest assured that you get not only the most economical subscription fee but also the best FX Rates.

Dont just Hire, but Manage Contractors

Asanify facilitates hiring with our automated documents module. But it is not just that, on an ongoing basis you can manage your remote contractors more efficiently with our end to end HRMS.

24*7 Customer Support

With Asanify, you never get stuck. Our comprehensive Help Documents, Chat Support, Video Tutorials and Online in-person ensures that you carry out all activities as per your convenience.

One Platform for all Contractors Globally

Through a single login you can manage all your contractors, anywhere in the world. Choose the currency of payment for each contractor and your payroll gets executed in 1-click for everyone.

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Our Experts and Customer Support teams are available literally round-the-clock. So, no matter which part of the world you are working from - Asanify is there to help.


Want to know more about Hiring Contractors?

  • Contractor Onboarding
  • Documentation and Contractor Agreements
  • Payroll Execution and Currency of Payment
  • HRMS Support

Here's what some users have to say about Asanify International Contractor Management

The hassles around ensuring timely monthly payments for my Team were immense. Given my weekly payout cycles, I seem to be always busy with payroll related activities. With Asanify, I can literally do this all at the click of a button. I feel so much more in control, with no delays in payouts. Asanify really is as good as it gets.

Clients, these days, are very demanding, and rightfully so. With my delivery teams working across multiple projects, I had to manually track the Units of Payments for my Contractors' payroll. I needed not just a Payroll solution but Invoicing with all the details. Asanify solves both of these requirements in 1 seamless platform.

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TagMango, YC Startup

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Business Owner, NJ, USA

Frequently Asked Questions about hiring International Contractors

How to hire independent Contractors aborad?

Before you hire an independent contractor in any country, it is important to first check the local compliances for that country regarding contractor employement. Correctly classifying your independent contractor, as per the local country norms, is very important. For the details, you may want to check out our detailed guide on the best practices for hiring an overseas independent contactor.

Can a US Company hire an international Contractor?

Yes, a US based Company can hire international contractor to work for them. Unlike the case of hiring international employees, where you need to have a local entity or work with an EOR, for contractors you can simply hire them by following the steps described above. Don't forget to collect the Form W-8BEN for your international contractors, and it is advisable to use a Contractor Management System for processing the payments.

What are the potential challenges in working with an International Contractor?

Challenges in working with an international contractor will include factors like time zone differences, cultural barriers, communication issues, legal and regulatory compliance, and managing remote work relationships. A good contractor management system, like Asanify, comes with the in-built HR Management System to facilitate the overall management.

What is the payment process for an International Contractor?

Payment methods for your international contractors include wire transfers, via your contractor management system, online payment platforms, or using international payment services. Do consider the exchange rates and potential transaction fees. Check out our detailed blog on best ways to pay your contractor.

How do I review the performance of an International Contractor?

With remote workers, specially when they are overseas, is always a challenge. Tracking productivity is a critical paramater that you should evaluate while selecting a contractor management system. Asanify provides for Attendance Tracking, Managing paid time-offs, KPI and Goal tracking and the overall Performance Management System which could be handy.

Hiring International Contractors? Select the Country where you are hiring

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