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What is an employee recognition letter? How do you write one? Why should you write one in the first place?

Giving employees recognition for the work they do in your company is very important. And, if you need to write a recognition letter sometime soon, you’re just in the right place!

Here, in this blog, I have given a detailed understanding of what this letter should look like. In addition to that, I have also added a FREE downloadable template that you can customise and use whenever needed.

Here, I have covered,

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What is an employee recognition letter?

This letter is written to employees after they have completed a huge project or done some amazing work! The letter lets the person know that have done a great job and deserves recognition for it.

Very often, employees also receive something along with the letter. This could include a salary increment, bonus, gift, promotion etc. In such cases, the letter should also mention what they are receiving and details about when they will receive it.

Why is an employee recognition letter important?

The major focus on a lot of activities like employee recognition, annual bonus, salary increment, and so on are 3 things

  1. To make the employee feel appreciated and important.
  2. Ensure the employee is motivated to continue working well.
  3.  Employee engagement

All these 3 things play a big role in how the employee works in the organization. So, they are very very important.

What should you include in an employee recognition letter?

Now that we have taken a look at what this letter is used for and why it’s important, let’s have a look at what needs to be included in it.

  1. Name of employee
  2. Designation of employee
  3. Job role along with department name
  4. Congratulatory statement to the employee (for their performance)
  5. Mention of the project or milestone the recognition follows
  6. Current salary (if their reward is a salary increment)
  7. New salary and changes in salary structure if any (if their reward is a salary increment))
  8. The time when the person will receive the recognition
  9. Thank and appreciate the employee for their contribution to your company

Things to remember

There are a few things that people always get overlook while HR letters. Here are a few of those to keep in mind.

Always check for grammatical or spelling errors as well as typos. Don’t make the letter sound like a contract. It is supposed to be formal, but it’s still an extremely happy and celebratory occasion. Maintain that tone and keep it light and happy throughout the letter.

Don’t forget the communicate the reason why the person got the recognition in detail. Also, don’t leave out necessary and important information

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How do I write an employee recognition letter?

To write this letter, you should start with thanking the employee for the work they have done. Mention the project or milestone after which this letter and the employee’s reward follow.

What are some examples of employee recognition?

This could include a salary increment, bonus, gift, gift vouchers, promotion, paid holiday etc.

How do you make employee recognition meaningful?

You can make recognition meaningful by making it personal and in addition offering something as a reward to the person. Something like a day off, a gift, salary increment and so on.

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