How to write a professional job experience letter in 2 min?

How to write a professional job experience letter in 2 min?

If you are an HR head at a small business or a founder at a startup – you would frequently be asked for a job experience letter. Whether for interns or for full-time employees leaving your organization – this is important evidence of their experience. If you are struggling to find the right template or learn about how to write a work experience letter both easily and quickly, read on.

Today I will cover:

What is a work experience letter?

The authoritative and administrative head of an organization draft a job experience letter. It contains information regarding the existing employee who is terminating his/her contract with the business organization. It contains information regarding the existing employee who is terminating his/her contract with the business organization. The experience letter paves the entry path for the employee into a new business venture. The employee details mentioned in the experience letter helps in the critical analysis of the employee’s skills and aptitude. An analysis of the job experience letter format is important in this regard.

How to write a work experience letter from company to the employee?

For writing an experience letter I prefer mentioning key details regarding the employee characteristics and aptitudes, employee performance in the organization and the other characteristic features which must be included in a letter like company certification seal, approval signature by the administrative authorities etc. Many samples of job experience letter format in pdf are available on the Internet. I want the experience letter to be concise yet impactful.

What are the key points to remember while drafting a job experience letter template?

You can think of a company experience letter as a shorter version of a recommendation letter. You must be wondering what does a job experience letter consists of then? Well, I will be discussing a few points that if included in your job experience letter will make it more productive. Here I’ve come up with the most effective steps on drafting a job experience letter.

Use company letter head joining or experience letter

The official company letterhead is at the beginning of the letter. After you draft the letter, the company letterhead is at the top of the letter. This is a sign of assurance that the letter is having the power from the requisite authority.

Include the date of issuance

In the upper right-hand corner of the letter, you must mention the date of issuance. The format of the date of issuance must be in month and year format.

Write a salutation

A professional greeting at the beginning of the letter is a salutation. The letter must start with the greeting “Dear”.

Include the employee’s full name

The letter must contain the employee’s full name. The authority needs to mention the full name of the employee. 

Include the employee’s title or designation

The authoritative needs to mention the employee title and designation he/she is working in the organization.  The employee grants a promotion in his/her working cycle the authoritative needs to mention the past and the current role of the employee in the letter.

Describe the employee

Write a brief description concerning the skills, aptitude, behavioral characteristics and work ethics of the employee. You can pick up from the information delivered by the Curriculum Vitae of the employee. The skills and profiling of the employee characteristics should match with the requirements demanded from the administrative authorities of the new business organization where the employee is about to join.

Write a positive statement about the employee’s future to close the letter

Write positive things about the employee and mention the reason why he is leaving the organization. An amicable layoff and resignation process leads to a sustainable and harmonious relationship between the employee and his ex-employer.

Include a signature line

Include a signature line that has a professional closing phrase, your signature, your printed name, your designation with the company and the company’s seal. 

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How should be the professional experience letter format?

The job experience letter format would help in understanding the nuances of writing experience letters-

Rituraj Dey 

123, City, State – Pin Code

Contact Number: +9198XXX-XXXXX



To whomsoever, it may concern

We are happy to inform you that Miss ___ son/daughter of Mr. _____, has efficiently contributed his/her working skills and service to us for the tenure of 2 years 3 months. He/She has diligently worked with ____ (name of the organization) for the position of (designation) from ____ to____  

Miss/Mr./Mrs. ___ was a good performer with the duties and responsibilities assigned. We found his/her activeness with sincerity and determination. He/She sounds professional and hard-working in taking ownership to initiate the betterment of the organization.

We respect her decision to discontinue the services with us and wish her the best career going forward.


(Name and signature of authorized signatory)


(Organization’s Seal)

(Name and Address of the organization)

Experience Letter Sample for companies

Here is the sample of the job experience letter for companies-


122 C, Anukrama Silver Apartments,



Dear concerned,

This is to inform us that Divya was working with our company as a Sr. Executive-Marketing. We hereby, certify that she has worked with the company from _____to_____

Divya provided her services to the company as an executive. She has contributed her efforts and excellent performance which later was a permanent asset to the company. His contributions to the organization are well appreciating by our staff. 

All the best!

Please feel free to contact us for any information.



Chief People Officer

Sample job experience letter for Teacher

Here is the sample job experience letter for teachers-


We are happy to inform you that Mr./Miss/Mrs. _____ Employment ID _____ has provided a service as a (role) at our ___ campus from ____ to _____

We consistently addressed his/her responsibility, enthusiastic approach and hardworking nature during his/her working tenure. We wish him/her success for a good career going forward.

This experience certificate is being issued at the request of (Teacher name).

Your name…

Job Designation…

School/College/Institute name…

Sample experience letter for Professor

Here is the sample job experience letter for a professor-


(College Name)


To whomsoever, this may concern.

I hereby certify that Mr. B Sharma was working with us by our college starting from ____ to _____ as an accountancy professor. 

Mr. Sharma has demonstrated excellent skills in teaching, mentoring, and handling kids. His leadership skills were outstanding and very helpful and appreciated by our other faculty members.

We wish him the best in his career path and his future. I’m sure he will be a great asset to the college he joins.




College Name

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Sample experience letter for CEO

Here is the sample experience letter for CEO-


Mr. / Ms. (name of the employee)


Name of the company

This letter is to verify that Mr. / Ms. (employee name) handled the responsibility of the CEO of the company from ____ to ____.

In the entire journey with our organization, we found no loophole in the services by him/her. and he/ she rendered all his/ her responsibilities as the CEO of the company with complete dedication and hard work.

We wish him/ her all the best for all future endeavors.


Name of the Owner or Director

Name of the company

Seal of the company


The job experience letters are the basic entry routes for the employees into a new business venture or organization. Utmost care involves the process of writing experience letters for employees as they decide their future in the new business organization.

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What is the purpose of writing job experience letters?

A letter is an important tool for creating an avenue for the employee to enter a new business organization and venture. The employee details mentioned there help in critically evaluating the employee before he is enlisted into the employment exchange rolls. A working letter format helps in gauging important details about the employee. The letter portrays the kind of business performance the employee has delivered in his previous employment thereby helping in aggregating the specific business skills of the employees.

Where must the salutation be mentioned in the job experience letter?

At the beginning of the letter.

What should your job experience letter state?

Your letter should have your date of joining and date of leaving (if that is the case) on the company letterhead. You can also ask your employer to add any major achievement. For example; if you have been promoted during your tenure, you can request the same.

Is a job experience letter necessary?

More than mandatory, it would be a fair employment practice to issue an employment letter to any employee.

In case you do not have a job experience letter what can you do?

As most good companies have stringent rules regarding the documentation of one’s previous employer, it is best to have a job experience letter from your previous employer. In case you do not have a letter, add a reference from the previous letter so that your employer can ensure your credibility.