"Asanify has made my employees feel more and more empowered"

Tanuja Saikia, HR Head

Agpaytech Pvt. Ltd.

Asanify is changing the way Startups and Small Businesses operate their HR processes. Explore fully automated and easy-to-use HRMS and Payroll for your organization too.

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Here's how Asanify makes the employees of Agpaytech feel empowered!


Payroll Software 

Calculate employees' monthly payrolls within seconds, view and download payslips with detailed salary breakup


Leave & Attendance 

Employee self-service portal to allows employees to view their leave balance and simplify attendance management


Employee Engagement 

With employee surveys and Asanify's gamified interface, employees feel more engaged and motivated


About Agpaytech Ltd.

Agpaytech Ltd. is a financial services company that empowers businesses to improve lives with dynamic business opportunities, innovative products, and payment solutions. Agpaytech's real-time technology and proven, reliable processing is fully scalable and configurable, providing businesses with the correct choice.
They are building software such as RemitAll software, ATL money transfer mobile payments app and cryptocurrencies.

Asanify Customer Stories - Agpaytech

Agpaytech's biggest concerns and priorities

As a business, Agpaytech is aiming at exponential growth. They are currently focussing on international remittances, payment gateways and cryptocurrencies. In recent times, while countries such as Nigeria have launched their very own digital currency and China has already launched their cryptocurrency, Senegal is coming up with theirs.

Agpaytech needs to hire, retain and train employees to develop products enabling people to use them. So growing and using market opportunities in Fintech is Agpaytech's aim.

Agpaytech's Key highlights

They have around 40% growth with RemitAll (their premier product) and making cryptocurrencies such as bitwari and developing ATL Pay, which is a mobile payments app.

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Some of the biggest challenges faced by Agpaytech

There were majorly two challenges faced by Agpaytech in the recent past: 

1. Hiring and managing talented developers
2. Training and upskilling them

The pandemic has changed the way companies work drastically. Tanuja Saikia, the Human Resources Lead at Agpaytech Ltd (India) says,

"In a Fintech like ours, it is close to impossible to train remote workers as compared to the ones who are working on-site with the leadership group. The learning opportunities and growth is completely different for both of them."

Here are some of the major problems Asanify helped automate and then solve!

Firstly, Asanify made employee leave management much easier for Agpaytech. Initially, people used to send individual leave requests. These would get pushed into separate folders hence making it extremely difficult to track and process. Next, the attendance management system helped immensely, as Agpaytech has remote workers and people working in shifts. They would never know when workers were logging in or logging out.

With regards to payroll and salary management, Tanuja Saikia said,

"Employers have found payroll software much easier. Uploading salary details, calculating payroll, and downloading salary slips have become a matter of seconds."

Agpaytech manages their entire HR processes on Asanify and saves tonnes of time

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We helped them with their entire HR, accounting and payroll processes. Earlier, it was like an unorganized table, where you had to search all over for specific data.

The Asanify system helps them manage the HR process in an organized way where you can access data instantly. Things like checking the number of hours an employee has put in or the timings of clocking in or clocking out have been made simple.

When it comes to hiring, once you assign an onboarding checklist, employee document management will take care of itself, be it uploading a Pan card or Aadhar card or even assigning any employment letters.

Leave management has become very easy. This has helped implement compliances since everything is on the portal. There aren't any disconnects.

Payroll wise, whether employees want to see their salary details, breakup, submit investment details or employees who come under tax ambit and they can also see how their payslip looks.
It brings about a positive employee experience. It is not just the employers or HR department who have benefitted, but also the employees who feel empowered.

What Asanify means to the employees of Agpaytech

"It makes our lives hassle-free."

Before Asanify, for every small request, employees would have to email their HR or department head and wait for them to reply. Now with Asanify, they can access their payslips, see their salary breakup, mark their attendance and send a request for leave easily. They have become much more independent.

Tanuja added,

"They have become empowered. No one likes to be micro-managed or have someone above their head every time they have a query. Every detail is at your fingertips, which makes them empowered."