"With Asanify, we are able to provide to our employees the same level of transparency, fairness and business processes that we aspire to give the tech talent that applies for jobs through Begig"

Shresth Shrivastav,

Founder & CEO of Begig

Asanify is changing the way a Startup or a Small Business operates its HR processes. Explore our fully automated and extremely easy-to-use HRMS & Payroll for your company as well.

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How Asanify put Begig on a journey towards transparency & digitization!


Payroll Software 

Calculate employees' monthly payrolls within seconds, view and download payslips with detailed salary breakup


Leave & Attendance 

Employee self-service portal to allows employees to view their leave balance and simplify attendance management


Employee Engagement 

With employee surveys and Asanify's gamified interface, employees feel more engaged and motivated

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About Begig

Shresth Shrivastav, the Founder & CEO is an ambitious engineer and entrepreneur, who graduated from Indian Business School in the year 2016. Post his time with ISB, he went on to work with Tech Mahindra for 5 years before founding Begig!
Begig wants to create the biggest global ecosystem for tech freelancers and enterprises, bridging the tech skill gap across all industries. They want their ecosystem to deliver experienced and vetted tech talent and high budget gigs with top enterprises and build a tech community for the future.
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Their mission is to transform the way tech freelancers find work while helping them earn more, thus encouraging growth with exclusive rewards. Their aim is to help enterprises save time and money with our hand-picked, premium talent pool of skilled techies.

The story of Begig

Founded in the year 2021, Begig is a marketplace focused on connecting freelancers who are in search of IT projects with tech enterprises in need of similar services. Begig has always believed in fair compensation for employees and the importance of valuing all kinds of talent. 

This platform, says Shresth Shrivastav, Founder & CEO of Begig, is dedicated to developers who see themselves both as the hustlers and dreamers of this world. These developers are simply looking for the right opportunity to show off their talent. And Begig aspires to help them with their own career goals by connecting them to top enterprises in need of tech talent.

Begig biggest business priorities right now:

Right now, their biggest priority as a business is to focus on their employees. At the end of the day, for a business model like their own, employees and company talent is at the forefront all the time.

Shresth Shrivastav, Founder & CEO of Begig

Shresth says,

"The ability to connect with the talent, value them and provide them with fair opportunity 'begins at home' so to speak – for us, in our own company. So, right now, thanks to Asanify we are able to focus on our employees, and ensure that they are empowered and happy."

Some of the key people initiatives at Begig:

The very essence of the company is based on the importance they place on fair compensation and valuing genuine talent. Begig believes that trust is the backbone of every relationship. According to Shresth,

"Asanify has been able to help us make all our processes transparent and also employee-centric."

Begig has been able to put in place compliances. They are able to now ensure that employees are aware of the company policies applicable to them and other essential requirements. As a result, employees have all the knowledge they need to do their jobs in the best possible way, so, they feel valued and important in the company.

By using Asanify, they were also able to streamline various processes, such as attendance and leave management for their own teams.

Why should a company consider registering on and using Begig to hire people?

The gig economy is on the rise now more than ever and it is a lifestyle choice that millions around the world have not only made but also benefited from. With more and more importance being laid on work-life balance around the world - flexible working has become the first choice for millennials and Gen Z who are rejecting now the 9-6 work culture.

Begig is a free-registration platform that promises to provide gigs to tech talent in 48 hours. They have an extremely strong team of tech experts, strategists, managers, analysts, developers and UI/UX designers, catering result-oriented and cost-competitive solutions to the techies. They provide, dedicated support, right from signing up and posting a gig to hiring the best talent. A company can reach out to Begig’s managers for any query they might have.  

Also, their vetted talent pool and thorough processes with enterprises ensure you are not left disappointed with the talent you hire or the gig you choose. This is a place where you can love what you do and want to create a place where your skills are appreciated.

Let’s take a look at what Asanify means to the Employees of Begig:

Shresth Shrivastav, Founder & CEO of Begig says,

“With Asanify, we are able to provide to our employees the same level of transparency, fairness and level of business processes that we aspire to give the tech talent that applies for jobs through Begig. Managing payroll, attendance, and the many HR tasks, which often get very tedious, has become so easy and fast.”


About the employees’ experience, Shresth says,

And with respect to our employees, Asanify has literally simplified our lives and has been everything we could ask for in an HRMS and payroll software!."