Best Global EOR Companies: How To Choose The Best One?

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With such a colossal number of Employer of Record (EOR) players populating the market, getting your hands on the best one can be quite a tricky task. Partnering with one of the best global EOR companies will help you hire talent overseas in an extremely easy and simplified manner. Further, you will get relief from the burden of adhering to local compliances and curating benefits package for your employees. But, how to know which EOR company can suit your needs in the best way possible? In this article, we will delve deep and present you with precious insights about the best global EOR companies. With our simple yet intricately detailed comparative charts of the top EOR companies, comparing each software is guaranteed to become a cakewalk for you.

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Key Considerations When Choosing One of the Best EOR Companies

Since your chosen EOR company will be closely involved in hiring your remote workforce, having a good rapport with them is essential. Make sure to check if your company goals align with the global EOR companies you are eyeing. At the time of your decision-making process, make sure to pay heed to the following key considerations:

1. Well-established Operations in the Target Country

Hiring an EOR will be pointless if they don’t possess adequate knowledge about the local compliances prevailing in the country where you wish to operate. Each country follows its own established set of legal norms, tax regulations, statutory compliances and employment-related strictures. For example, the norm of Collective Bargaining Agreement is not that widely prevalent in other nations as much as it is in Germany. An EOR company that won’t have a local presence in your desired country may not prove to be beneficial for you. That is why, it is advisable to check that the global EOR companies that you have narrowed down, maintain a local presence in your target country where you wish to expand your business. After all, an EOR partner that doesn’t maintain a presence in a particular country may hardly possess proper know-how of the legal norms and compliances applicable there.

2. Data Privacy & Protection

Before you take the final stride of partnering with a specific EOR company, don’t forget to gain clarity about the way it stores confidential information. Data privacy breach is the last thing that anyone would want. Therefore, make sure to insist your EOR partner to shed light on the data privacy regulations and make use of ironclad contracts so that data security is maintained at all costs.

3. Availability of Professional Expertise

While deciding which EOR company to partner with, make sure to check if it has a robust network of HR and legal experts who will be available to assist you in times of need. Decoding the local labor law provisions in various countries can be quite difficult. On top of that, keeping yourself updated about the amendments in compliances is essential. To arm yourself with the proper knowledge about employment best practices and latest news about compliances, collaborating with a global EOR service provider that has its network of HR and legal specialists is essential. This will give you the much needed peace of mind and security as you venture into conducting business operations in a new country.

4. Risk Management

The whole idea of working with one of the top EOR service providers is to shield your business from breaching legal provisions in an altogether new market. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you are choosing a reputable global EOR company that takes control of all your financial and legal liabilities. These include managing employee benefits, compensation and insurance. Check whether a particular EOR service provider is competent enough to safeguard your business from unprecedented law violations and thereby keep fines and legal conflicts at bay.

5. Intellectual Property Protection 

Before formalizing your deal with any EOR company and taking the plunge to make your entry in a new market, make it a point to gain clarity as to whether it adheres to the core legal framework and offers stringent protection of your IP rights. Your company trademark, logo and other elements fall under the broader group of IP. Therefore, it is crucial to seek credible assurance from your chosen EOR service provider about the elimination of chances of IP breaches. 

6. Expertise in Diverse Industries 

If you are operating in niche-specific markets such as finance, healthcare, real estate or technology, it is advisable that you partner with an EOR company that has prior experience in handling businesses functioning in the same domains like these. Different industries have unique requirements and regulations regarding employment practices, compliance, and workforce management. An EOR with experience in diverse industries is more likely to understand these specific needs and tailor their services accordingly. They can anticipate potential challenges and proactively address them, saving time and resources for your HR and management teams.

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Research Process While Assessing the Best EOR Companies 

The hunt for the best global EOR company can be quite nerve-wracking. That is why, it is crucial to have a proper research process in place so that you can manoeuvre your way easily and settle with nothing but the best Employer of Record company globally. Let’s now see how the EOR company assessment process should look like so that you can tick off your requirements and venture into new markets swiftly. 

1. Define Your Requirements 

Mapping out your needs is essential before finalizing a specific EOR service provider. Determine what all are your urgent requirements. Take into account certain crucial factors such as your budget, the number of employees you are planning to hire in a specific country, compliance and payroll tax support, and the level of involvement of your EOR partner you want to assist you daily. 

2. Compile a List of the Best Global EOR Companies 

Based on your definite requirements, prepare a list of the top EOR companies that offer all the services you want and that function in your target countries. This can be done through online searches, industry directories, referrals from peers, or professional associations. You may also click here to get a detailed overview of the top 15 EOR companies operating globally. 

3. Assess Service Capabilities 

Verify that a particular EOR company has expertise in local labor laws, tax regulations, and employment practices in the regions where you need support. Make sure if they offer end-to-end HRMS tool to streamline the way people management. It is advisable to go for an EOR partner that offers advanced solutions powered by the latest technology. Choosing a smart EOR company will aid you in automating payroll and completing accurate calculation of taxes without you have to worrying about any kind of errors. 

4. Compare Pricing & Contract Terms 

Compare pricing models and fee structures among different EOR providers. Understand what is included in their fees and any additional costs that may apply. To help you save time, we have prepared a comparative analysis of top 15 EOR companies in terms of their pricing and features below. Why do the heavy work when we have got you covered? 

Apart from comparing each EOR software, make sure to review contract terms carefully, including termination clauses, service level agreements (SLAs), and any guarantees provided by the EOR provider.

5. Assess Communication & Cultural Fit 

Choosing an EOR company that would be quick at resolving your queries is essential. It is undoubtedly going to be super difficult to work with an unresponsive EOR service provider. Raising tickets only to get them solved after days is something that no one will want. That is why, it is essential to go for an EOR company that offers robust customer support as one of its features, ensuring prompt redressal of clients’ problems. Further, checking if the cultural goals of your company align with your chosen EOR partner is a must to ensure smooth collaboration and swift completion of work without getting embroiled in any kinds of conflicts with them. 

Global EOR Companies: Comparison on the Basis of Features and Pricing 

Understanding the pricing structure of EOR services helps you align your budget and financial resources accordingly. Transparent pricing structures help prevent unexpected costs or hidden fees, enabling better cost management and budget planning for your global operations. Further, assessing features and service offerings helps you understand what is included in the EOR provider’s standard package and what may require additional fees. This allows you to prioritize essential services such as payroll processing, benefits administration, compliance management, and HR support based on your organization’s needs.

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Asanify- The #1 Rated Global EOR Company 


Other EOR Companies- Comparison on the Basis of Features & Pricing

EOR Player Features Pricing
Papaya Global Best EOR company for offering global payroll solutions $599 per employee per month
Deel Best EOR company for managing international hires, taking care of taxes and local compliances $599 per employee per month
Rippling Best EOR company offering competitive employee benefits package to organisations looking to hire internationally $599 per employee per month
Oyster Best EOR service provider for managing HR processes of organisations and catering to employee management $599 per employee per month
Remote Best EOR company offering competitive employee benefits package to organisations looking to hire internationally $599 per employee per month
Multiplier Best EOR partner offering swift hiring and employee onboarding services across 150 countries $400 per employee per month
Globalization Partners (G-P) Best EOR service provider for seamless payroll execution and human capital management, operating across 180 countries No clear pricing information is present online
Omnipresent Best EOR company for quick employee onboarding and in-house legal expertise $499 per employee per month
Skuad Best EOR partner for hiring, paying and managing talent internationally and adhering to local compliances $199 per employee per month
Rapid Best EOR company for taking care of compliances, handling payroll taxes and managing talent $199 per employee per month
Velocity Global Best EOR service provider for monitoring legal norms and helping companies stay compliant No disclosure of the actual pricing information made available online
INS Global Best EOR assisting companies to hire easily and legally No clear figure is mentioned about EOR pricing online
Global Expansion Best EOR company for end-to-end compliance adherence, employee management and global immigration services No pricing information made available online
Remofirst Best EOR for offering international employees lucrative benefits and manage the HR processes $199 per employee per month 
Talent500 Best EOR offering organisations with a rich talent network to source candidates $199 per employee per month

How to Choose the Best EOR Service Provider?

No one wants to end up partnering with an EOR company that won’t be transparent and work ambiguously. Therefore, to choose the right EOR company, make sure to pay attention to the following three factors:

1. Transparency

Choosing the right Employer of Record (EOR) based on transparency hinges on several critical factors. First, prioritize EOR providers who offer clear and detailed information about their services, including comprehensive outlines of what is included in their packages and any potential additional costs. Look for transparency in pricing structures, ensuring there are no hidden fees or ambiguous charges.

Secondly, assess their track record in compliance and regulatory adherence across different jurisdictions, seeking assurances that they adhere strictly to local labor laws and tax regulations. Transparent communication practices are also vital; the EOR should be forthcoming in sharing updates on payroll processing, compliance status, and any HR-related issues affecting your international workforce.

Lastly, consider client testimonials and references to gain insights into their transparency in service delivery and client interactions. Choosing an EOR that prioritizes openness and clarity fosters a trusting partnership, ensuring smooth operations and compliance management across your global operations.

2. Global Compliance

Keeping your business insulated from charges of violation of labor laws is crucial. Each country has its own set of unique compliances. Abiding by all these is essential to protect your business from getting embroiled in legal conflicts and paying exorbitant fines. Assessing the right Employer of Record (EOR) based on ensuring global compliance requires a methodical approach.

Start off by evaluating the EOR’s expertise and track record in navigating complex international labor laws, tax regulations, and employment practices across various countries where you operate or plan to expand. Look for providers with a strong global presence and a demonstrated ability to manage compliance effectively in diverse jurisdictions.

Transparency in how they ensure compliance, including their processes for payroll processing, benefits administration, and adherence to local employment regulations, is crucial. Additionally, seek references and client testimonials that attest to their compliance capabilities and their ability to maintain high standards of legal and regulatory compliance.

3. International Presence

To manage global talent effectively, having an EOR partner maintaining a strong presence worldwide is essential. Start by assessing the geographical reach of the EOR provider, ensuring they have established operations and local expertise in the countries where you plan to expand or already have a presence.

It is crucial to consider the scalability of their services to accommodate your future growth and expansion plans. Therefore, by choosing an EOR with a strong international presence, you can ensure comprehensive support for your global workforce management needs, enhancing operational efficiency and compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

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Top EOR Companies- G2 Score Comparison

It is crucial to have a careful look at the user ratings and reviews of various EOR companies before making a choice. This is because user ratings and reviews provide valuable insights into the quality of service provided by an EOR. Further, they offer perspectives from other companies or clients who have firsthand experience with the EOR’s services, giving you a glimpse into what you can expect in terms of reliability, responsiveness, and customer support. Therefore, paying attention to these reviews allows you to ask targeted questions during consultations or due diligence processes to address concerns and clarify expectations upfront.

Click here to check out a detailed evaluation of the top 15 global EOR companies.

Let’s now have a look at the respective G2 scores of various EOR companies to gain insights into their service quality and responsiveness to customer problems:

Asanify- #1 Ranked HRMS in Terms of Ease [G2]


Other EOR Companies- Comparison on the Basis of Their G2 Scores

EOR Players G2 Score (Out of 5)
Papaya Global 4.5
Deel 4.8
Rippling 4.8
Oyster 4.4
Remote 4.6
Multiplier 4.7
Globalization Partners (G-P) 4.6
Omnipresent 4.4
Skuad 4.5
Rapid 5 (based on 1 review solely)
Velocity Global 4.7
INS Global 4.8
Global Expansion 4.9
Remofirst 4.4
Talent500 5 (based on 6 reviews)

 Best EOR Companies: Comparison on the Basis of Pros & Cons

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of different EOR companies enables you to make an informed decision. Further, it allows you to weigh factors such as service quality, scalability, pricing structure, technology integration, and reputation within the industry. Each EOR service provider has strengths and weaknesses in terms of service offerings, industry expertise, geographical coverage, compliance capabilities, and customer support. Therefore, assessing the pros and cons allows you to identify potential risks and evaluate whether the EOR can effectively mitigate them.

Here’s a simplified overview of the comparison of top 15 Employer of Record companies on the basis of their respective pros and cons.

Asanify EOR- Pros & Cons

Other EOR Companies- Comparison on the Basis of Pros & Cons

EOR Player Pros Cons
Papaya Global 1. Presence in 160+ countries
2. Multi-currency payment support
3. In-house experts to support clients in legal, compliance & HR matters
1. Higher pricing structure of this EOR player makes it suitable for enterprise clients largely
2. High FX rates adding to the final cost
Deel 1. Support of immigration services that makes visa processing a breeze
2. Automation of payroll
3. Swift employee onboarding in minutes
1. Pricing is on the higher side
2. May not be suitable for startups and SMEs owing to its high charges
3. Increased FX rates that elevate the overall charges that you need to pay
Rippling 1. Provision to pay employees in their respective local currencies.
2. Seamless integration with HRIS
3. Automatic reminders for vital admin tasks
1. Customer support is not that efficient
2. One needs to purchase the entire HRIS package to avail themselves of EOR services
Oyster 1. Offers discounts for hiring refugees via Oyster
2. Employee cost calculator tool to get an estimate of the hiring cost in various countries.
3. Provision to hire the first full-time member of your organisation for free
1. Poor customer service
2. Add-on charges for accessing local benefits facility
Remote 1. Attractive employee benefits package
2. 100% compliance support
3. Assistance of a dedicated team to guide you through the entire employee hiring, onboarding and offboarding journey
1. Expensive charges that may not make it an ideal choice for SMBs and startups
2. Customer support is not available directly via phone
Multiplier 1. Easy generation of employment contracts
2. Quick access to offer letters and payslips
3. Complete employee benefits administration
1. No access to complimentary HRMS
2. Lack of a robust customer support
Globalization Partners (G-P) 1. Access to detailed HR reports and analytics
2. Support of country-specific specialists to help businesses stay compliant
3. Quick disbursal of payments to employees
1. 1. Customer support is not that efficient
2. Not an independent platfor; partners with ADP and Zoho for HR and payroll services 
Omnipresent 1. Complete support in terms of compliances, tax, benefits and payroll
2. Access to HRIS that enables in handling, tracking and organizing employee reports
3. Customization of EOR services is available
1. Not a cost-effective EOR service provider
2. Prompt resolution of customer problems is still a rarity
Skuad 1. 24/7 expert support to ensure that you stay compliant
2. Streamlined workforce management
3. Easy generation of localized contracts with efficient employee benefits administration
1. Issues with management of assets have often been reported
2. Automation addition of leave entitlement is not available
3. Enhanced FX rates that increase the final charges payable
Rapid  1. Transparent pricing structure
2. Offers payroll services and support in terms of compliances and tax
3. Simplifies tax regulations, compliance jargon and protects businesses from law violations
1. Customer support is not that improved
2. No option to create template-based documents such as promotion or increment letter
Velocity Global 1. Smooth integration with ATS and HRIS to empower businesses with excellent employment solutions
2. Transition support for ex-pats along with visa support
3. Helps in generating compliant contracts
1. Complicated invoicing procedure
2. Pricing structure is not transparent
INS Global 1. Support of in-house experts to keep you informed of various amendments in country-specific laws
2. Quick customer support
3. Single platform to access all crucial contracts and invoices
1. Not integration-friendly
2. Slower employee onboarding, taking up to a week to complete the procedure
Global Expansion 1. Offers a diverse range of captivating employee benefits package
2. User-friendly platform
3. Quick approach to international mobilization
1. Lack of a complimentary HRMS
2. Doesn’t support integrations with a diverse range of applications
Remofirst 1. Offers services in 170+ countries
2. 24/7 customer support
3. Aggregates payroll of the global team into a single payment
1. Does not offer integration opportunities with platforms such as Slack, QuickBooks, etc.
2. Lack of an efficient employee self-serve platform
Talent500 1. Offers a talent network that aids employers in sourcing candidates
2. Supports payment in multiple currencies
3. Excellent employee benefits administration
1. Lack of swift employee onboarding services
2. Takes a long time to update the salary of employees in the system

Global EOR Companies- Comparison on the Basis of Customer Support

Comparing the top EOR companies in terms of the customer support they offer is essential to have an idea of the quality of the services and assistance you are likely going to receive after purchasing their package. How simple and swift it is to contact the customer support executive? Do they offer direct channels to approach the customer servicing team via phone, emails or chat? Evaluating these factors is essential.

A responsive and knowledgeable support team can address queries promptly, provide timely updates on compliance issues, and offer proactive solutions to challenges that may arise. Additionally, strong customer support fosters trust and confidence in the EOR provider, demonstrating their commitment to client success and satisfaction. It enhances communication, reduces operational disruptions, and allows you to focus on core business activities while knowing that your global workforce management needs are in capable hands.

Click here to check out a detailed assessment of the top 15 global EOR companies.

Asanify EOR- Quality of the Customer Support Offered

Other Global EOR Companies- Comparison on the Basis of the Quality of Customer Support Offered

EOR Player Quality of Customer Support Offered Ways to Reach the Customer Support Team
Papaya Global Efficient customer success team dedicated to ensuring prompt resolution of problems faced by users Via filling up a short form and submitting the grievances/Whatsapp chat
Deel Users have complained about poor customer support and the team’s non-responsiveness to their queries Via live chatbot, email and inbound phone
Rippling Lack of smart and efficient customer support with user queries getting buried in a portal and messaging system Via chat function or raising a ticket. No 24/7 help desk or immediate phone number is available
Oyster Poor customer service; requires a lot of back and forth with the customer success team. Needs to be more efficient at dissolution of problems. Frequent change of the assigned Customer Success Manager adds to the inconvenience of clients. Via a designated Customer Success Manager assigned to the client by Oyster
Remote Customer support services are good but often involve long wait periods Via chatbot, email, web form or raising a ticket. No direct phone number for clearing up problems is available
Mutliplier Lack of interactive customer support executives. Queries often stay unresolved for a longer period of time. Via chatbot or email
Globalization Partners (G-P) Offers prompt, quality support to customers Via AI-powered GIA Virtual Assistant
Omnipresent Availability of good customer service agents but the response time is quite high Via live chatbot or email
Skuad Attentive customer success agents offering accurate solutions to client problems. However, the response time can be high at times. Via chatbot, email or connecting the designated account managers
Rapid 24/7 customer support is available but the wait period can be longer at times Via chatbot or email
Velocity Global Round-the-clock customer support for both businesses and employees working there Via filling up a Customer Request Form and email
INS Global Some users have complained about the problem of language barrier while contacting the customer support team Via chatbot or filling up a form
Global Expansion Customer support is responsive with occasional grievances of longer wait times Via chatbot, email or filling up a form
Remofirst Customer success agents are available round the clock for solving the problems of both hiring managers and employees; quick and responsive services Via a live chatbot or contacting the designated account manager
Talent 500 Proactive and responsive customer support services Via email or chatbot

Why Choose Asanify as Your EOR Partner? 

Being a business owner in the current era, it is obvious to envision the expansion of the footprint of your business across borders. With the aid of the right Employer of Record company, you can materialize this vision of yours into a reality. What sets Asanify apart is our commitment to providing comprehensive EOR services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From payroll administration and benefits management to HR compliance and employee onboarding, we handle all aspects of employer responsibilities, allowing businesses to focus on their core objectives without the administrative burden. Further, our scalable solutions are designed to grow with your business, ensuring flexibility and agility in managing your global workforce.

With a deep understanding of international labor laws and compliance requirements, we ensure seamless operations across diverse markets, from the bustling streets of Mumbai to the dynamic cities of Sydney. Our comprehensive EOR services cover everything from payroll and benefits management to regulatory compliance and employee relations, empowering businesses to focus on strategic growth initiatives while we handle the administrative complexities. Whether you’re a startup venturing into new territories or an established enterprise optimizing operations worldwide, Asanify is your trusted partner for expanding with confidence. Join us in redefining global expansion with agility, compliance, and unparalleled customer support.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Global EOR Companies

1. What does EOR stand for?

EOR stands for “Employer of Record.” An Employer of Record is a company or organization that is legally responsible for all aspects of employment for workers assigned to a different employer, typically in the context of contingent or outsourced workers. This includes payroll processing, benefits administration, compliance with employment laws, and other HR-related functions. Further, EORs allow companies to engage workers globally without establishing their own legal entities in foreign jurisdictions, thereby reducing administrative burden and legal risks.

2. What is the full form of EOR in HR?

In HR, EOR stands for “Employer of Record.” It is a company that aids businesses in hiring employees in a new country without undergoing the hassle of establishing a legal entity. By using the services offered by global EOR companies, businesses can enter into new markets swiftly and save time. This is because everything starting form payroll, compliances, employee benefits administration, taxes, etc., will be taken care of by the EOR company.

3. Is Employer of Record legal in India?

Yes, the concept of Employer of Record (EOR) is legal in India. In India, EOR services typically involve a third-party entity (the EOR provider) assuming the role of the employer for certain purposes, such as payroll administration, benefits management, compliance with labor laws, and statutory obligations. This arrangement allows companies to engage workers in India without establishing their own legal entity or subsidiary in the country.

4. What are the benefits of EOR?

Employer of Record (EOR) services offer several benefits to companies expanding their global workforce. EOR providers assume legal responsibility for compliance with local labor laws, payroll processing, benefits administration, and HR functions, alleviating administrative burdens and reducing risks associated with international employment. Further, this allows organizations to focus on core business operations while gaining access to global talent pools swiftly and efficiently, facilitating faster market entry and scalability without the need for establishing legal entities in multiple jurisdictions.

5. What is the Employer of Record (EOR) services in the US?

Employer of Record (EOR) services in the US refer to outsourcing employment-related responsibilities to a third-party entity. The EOR becomes the legal employer of a company’s workforce, handling tasks such as payroll processing, benefits administration, compliance with employment laws, and HR functions. Moreover, this arrangement allows businesses to streamline operations, reduce administrative overhead, and mitigate legal risks associated with employment. EOR services are particularly beneficial for companies seeking flexibility in managing personnel, expanding into new states or regions, or navigating complex regulatory environments in the United States.

Not to be considered as tax, legal, financial or HR advice. Regulations change over time so please consult a lawyer, accountant  or Labour Law  expert for specific guidance.