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What is an employment verification letter? What is its importance?  

How can you write an effective one? So many questions that have way too many answers.

But you don’t have to worry because all of them are covered right here in this very blog. I have also attached a downloadable template of an employment verification letter just for you!

In this blog, I have covered,

Downloadable employee verification letter template


What is an employment verification letter a.k.a. bonafide letter?

Very often, employees need to provide proof that they are part of an organization. They need some kind of written documentation that works as proof that they work in your organization. This is where this letter comes into play.

This HR letter is addressed to a 3rd party individual, confirming that a particular employee definitely works at your organization. It also often gives information about the employee’s job role, department, when they started working with you and so on.

In the next section of the blog, we will see what all has to be included in the letter.

This letter is a formal one and should have a formal tone throughout. Especially since you are sending this letter to a 3rd party individual who you do not know, you need to be very careful about the content you add here. Only talk about the things that are important and need to be verified for whatever reason necessary.

Employment verification different from an employment confirmation letter

Very often, people confuse employment verification with an employment confirmation letter. They are both very different. How? Verification focuses on verifying that an employee works with you. People often use it as proof of employment.

But on the other hand, you give a confirmation letter to an employee who is on probation at your company. You give them this letter when you wish to change their status from ‘on probation’ to full-time employee.

Why do employees need an employment verification letter?

There are many reasons why employees need a job verification letter. For starters, the first reason could include

  1. The employee is buying a new house and needs a loan. While taking this loan from the bank, the employee needs to provide proof to the bank that they work at ABC company and earn XYZ salary.
  2. An employment verification letter could also be needed by an employee in case of getting a house on rent. In such cases, they might be required to provide some proof of employment.
  3. If an employee is shifting jobs, their new employer might need to see some kind of proof and details about where they are working now

What should you include in an employment verification letter?

This list ideally depends on the request you have received. The employee requesting a letter should give you a list of things you need to add to this letter. But in general, the most common and basic things to include are…

  • Employee’s job title and description
  • Date of joining and job location
  • Employee salary (if required, depending on the circumstances)
  • Additional information that needs verification

Click here for a Downloadable employee verification letter template

Employment verification letter for Self-employed individuals

If you’re a startup founder, you are in a position to write a verification letter for an employee. This is because you are their employer. But, you don’t have an employer of your own so to speak right?

So, when you work for yourself, (meaning self-employed) how do you produce an employment verification letter for yourself?

Apart from the list of things to include which are mentioned above, you must include the following:

  1. Your own income.
  2. Identify your business venture. Provide a copy of the documentation of registration of the business.
  3. The previous document will also help you prove the date you established your business officially.
  4. Your own tax obligations.

Common errors to avoid

There are certain things that are very easy to forget, and end up becoming very common mistakes. Here are some of them you need to avoid

  • It’s the worst experience when someone finds grammatical errors or typos in a letter. Especially if that person isn’t a part of your organization, it can give a really bad impression.
  • Don’t leave out important details. Cross-check the information twice if you have to! And be as specific and clear as possible.

employment verification letter - cta capterra


So, now you know how to write a wonderful employment confirmation letter!

  1. Mention details about the job
  2. Confirm that whatever details need to be verified have been added to the letter
  3. Check the letter for errors and typos before sending it

To ensure that you don’t miss out on anything in the letter, download the template by clicking on the button above!


How do I write a proof of employment letter?

When you write a letter to show proof of employment, you should include the following this
1. Employee name and address
2. Employee job role
3. Date of joining the organization
4. Employee’s current salary (if necessary)
5. Brief description of the job

Not to be considered as tax, legal, financial or HR advice. Regulations change over time so please consult a lawyer, accountant  or Labour Law  expert for specific guidance.