Charu Purohit Interview: Design the best Compensation and benefits plan

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Welcome to an amazing and insightful podcast episode of “Simplify Work.” Today we speak with Charu Purohit, one of India’s leading Compensation and Benefits expert


In this conversation, Charu Purohit, an experienced HR professional, discusses various aspects of working in HR and the challenges faced in different work environments. She shares insights on choosing a career in HR, maintaining work-life balance, and the differences between working from home and working in an office. Charu also highlights the importance of mentoring and the challenges of remote working. She emphasizes the need for startups to focus on building a strong culture from the beginning and offers advice on compensation and benchmarking in startups. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights for HR professionals and startup founders. The conversation explores various strategies for startups to attract and retain talent in a competitive market.

It emphasizes the importance of personalized experiences and customizations. The discussion also delves into compensation strategies for startups, highlighting the flexibility they have in offering equity and variable pay. The concept of a high risk, high gain model is introduced, suggesting that startups can design compensation plans that align with their risk profile. Tying compensation to performance is discussed as a win-win approach, providing confidence to candidates and incentivizing performance. The conversation concludes with the idea of rewarding loyalty over time to address the flux of people in startups.

Additionally, Charu discusses the tools for productivity in a work-from-home (see ideas on how to motivate remote employees) setup and emphasizes the importance of staying connected with stakeholders. She then delves into the role of compensation in HR, highlighting its significance in attracting and retaining talent. Charu also explains the process of determining increments and bonuses, considering factors such as market competitiveness and affordability. The use of the bell curve in performance evaluation is explored, along with the challenges faced in compensation and HR. Lastly, Charu discusses the key concerns in her role, including fairness, creating future-fit teams, and promoting wellness.

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Part 1

Charu Purohit Interview (Part 1)

Part 2

Charu Purohit interview (Part 2)

Key Takeaways from Charu

  • Choosing a career in HR requires considering the potential for growth and the opportunity to make a difference.
  • Maintaining work-life balance is crucial, and starting the day with a clear plan can help increase productivity.
  • Remote working has its challenges, including blurred boundaries and the need for self-discipline.
  • Building a strong culture is essential for startups, and it should be a priority from the beginning.
  • Startups can compete with established companies by hiring for potential and empowering their employees.
  • Staying connected with stakeholders is crucial for productivity in a work-from-home setup.
  • Compensation plays a vital role in attracting and retaining talent in HR.
  • Determining increments and bonuses involves considering market competitiveness and affordability.
  • The use of the bell curve in performance evaluation is a common practice, but flexibility is important.

Podcast Chapters

Part 1:

00:00 Introduction of Charu Purohit
02:23 Choosing a Career in HR
04:11 A Typical Day in Charu’s Life
08:00 Maintaining Work-Life Balance
09:29 Working from Home vs Working in an Office
11:38 The Importance of Mentoring in an Office Environment
13:57 Challenges of Remote Working
15:50 Transitioning from Remote Work to Office Work
20:09 Differences Between Large Organizations and Startups
21:47 Enforcing Culture in a Startup
26:17 When to Start Thinking About Culture in a Startup
27:41 Interviewing for Culture Fit
29:00 Enforcing Culture Through HR Processes
30:09 Compensation and Benchmarking in Startups
31:33 Competing with Established Companies in Compensation
32:26 Compensation Strategies for Startups
33:13 High Risk, High Gain Model
33:49 Tying Compensation to Performance
34:05 Rewards and Loyalty

Part 2:

00:00 Introduction and Tools for Productivity
01:11 The Role of Compensation in HR
04:12 Determining Increments and Bonuses
07:41 The Use of Bell Curve in Performance Evaluation
09:34 Challenges in Compensation and HR
13:29 Key Concerns and Wellness in HR
15:52 Parting Thoughts

About Charu Purohit

Charu is an accomplished HR leader boasting more than 15 years of expertise in Rewards and Talent. Her professional journey includes contributions to both multinational corporations and sizable national entities, providing exposure across India, the Middle East, and South Asia. With experience in matrixed environments, she has successfully led remote teams and spearheaded global projects, demonstrating her versatility and proficiency in diverse work settings.

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