"It has helped me cut the headache and all the hassles of HR management"  

Vaibhav, Co-founder


Asanify has helped Broomees track employee leave and attendance, auto calculate reimbursements and compensate their employees accordingly. 


Asanify has helped simplify the jobs of my HR and my employees.

Calculate Reimbursements

to compensate their employees accordingly

Assigning Leave

According to the company policy for better employee satisfaction 

Tracking Employees

field people, where they went and when they come to the office through geo fencing


About Broomees

Established in 2020, BROOMEES is revolutionizing the way domestic helpers are hired in India. Their mission and resolve is to bring in their customers - trained, experienced, and pandemic ready personnel. Under our hood, we assist and provide a wide range of services for our customers to choose from - both one-time and daily services. Our aim is to organize the sector and train and enable the surrounding helpers.

Asanify Customer Stories - Broomees

Broomees biggest priorities for your business

One of the biggest priorities is to get as much workforce as they can who are willing to get trained. They are currently also working hard to acquire the right customers and workers so that they can develop 10 more such zones in Delhi and move to Bangalore this year.

What led to the genesis of this business?

Sourav and Vibhav had an NGOs since their college days. They used to interact with kids and send them to school. Their parents would make them work on menial jobs instead of sending them to school to study where they can get an education to get better jobs in the future. The most important reason for that was their parents wouldn't earn enough, which forced them to send their kids to work. Then, Sourav and Vaibhav shifted their thought process to thinking on those lines about what can be done for these parents who are not skilled enough for a desk job or any other conventional job.

The solution they came up with was that men could become guards, drivers or dog walkers. Women on the other hand could take up jobs related to grooming, mopping, cooking or even becoming professional babysitters.

This is how they came up with the idea for Broomies.

HR challenges faced by Broomees

Some of the major challenges included tracking field people, being able to understand where they went, when they came to the office and when they left. It was impossible for Broomees to keep track of these events without a platform such as Asanify.

These people have fuel reimbursements, which have to be added to the payroll so that they can be compensated accordingly. Broomees also have to provide them with a comp off and extra income for the extra hours worked, which is why it is important to have a platform such as Asanify.

They also need a similar kind of platform for attendance, feedback and payroll for these 1000 workers.

Keeping the workers engaged...

Broomees usually has more demand than supply. This means that at any given time, they have more demand for the workers than the actual number of workers. So, what they do is that they train these workers according to demand, and not the other way around.

Also, workers who realize the difference between working on their own versus along with Broomees would never leave, because usually, customers cannot provide workers with benefits such as health insurance, interest-free loans, leaves and so on.

Here's how the pandemic affects their business

When the pandemic peaks, our business booms. This is because, generally speaking, people can't step outside and neither can they have their workers come into their homes to work. But with Broomees' passes, police certification and covid vaccinations for the workers in place, people trust them to get workers that will follow protocols and ensure safety!

Broomees' expectations from Asanify 

ctaThe expectation from Asanify is the benefits of employees to track their attendance, viewing their own salary details and other basic tools.

According to Broomees' co-founder Vaibhav Agrawal

"Asanify also has other features that we don't think we can use, such as downloading payslips and all these features. All expectations are met, just those other features that we need, i.e., geofencing which is being taken care of. Support from the backend is outstanding and the team is ready to help you 24/7. You are doing an amazing job and using the software."

What does Asanify mean to you in one line?

Vaibhav says,

"Asanifying my HR job, my job and my employer's job. It has helped me cut back on HR management headaches and bullshit."