How to grow crazily by hiring amazing talent (Doron, TryPerdiem)

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Welcome to yet another amazing and insightful podcast episode of “Simplify Work.” Today we speak with Doron Segal, the co-founder of TryPerDiem.


Get to know Doron, the co-founder and CTO of TryPerDiem, a Y Combinator-backed startup. Discover his unique journey from serving in the Israeli Army’s technology combat unit to his experiences at prominent companies. Learn about his leadership philosophy and passion for empowering people and technology.

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How Per Diem (YC W21) grew crazily by hiring top talent

Nurturing Growth: Building Beyond the App

When entrepreneurs seek growth, it’s not just about creating an app; it’s about taking that extra step to ensure its success. In our conversation with Doron, co-founder of TryPerDiem, we discovered some valuable insights on how their approach extends beyond app development to support clients’ growth. Here are key takeaways for entrepreneurs aspiring to expand their businesses:

1. Comprehensive Support for App Publication:

  • TryPerDiem offers a complete package, helping clients design and publish their apps on platforms like the App Store and Google Play Store.
  • They provide assistance in creating essential elements like screenshots, recognizing the significance of a well-prepared app listing.

2. A Long-Term Commitment:

  • For TryPerDiem, it’s not just a one-time sale. They establish long-lasting relationships with their clients.
  • This extended commitment goes beyond initial transactions and centers on nurturing their clients’ success.

3. Mutual Growth:

  • The essence of TryPerDiem’s approach is that when clients grow and prosper, so does the company.
  • TryPerDiem’s revenue model is tied to the number of transactions at each location, aligning their interests with the success of their clients.

In essence, entrepreneurs can learn from TryPerDiem’s approach that nurturing growth isn’t merely about developing an app. It’s about offering comprehensive support, forging long-term relationships, and aligning your business’s success with that of your clients.

The journey toward growth involves more than creating a product; it’s about building a partnership that grows together.

About Doron and TryPerDiem

Per Diem automates creating mobile apps for restaurants and cafes.
Customers may accept orders, track rewards, send push notifications, et cetera.
Check out their website:

Here’s a link to the LinkedIn profile of Doron Segal.

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