"Asanify provides me with peace of mind..."

Tilak Pati, Co-Founder

Pipli Pvt. Ltd.

Employees have a thousand things to ask. Asanify is a platform where employees can address 80-90% of their management problems, which makes them feel really comfortable.

pipli team

Asanify makes the lives of employees comfortable through:


Payroll Software 

Easy access to payslips for employees with a detailed salary breakup. Calculate payroll within seconds


Leave & Attendance 

Track leave and attendance through the admin dashboard and forget about your leave and attendance worries 

Onboarding & Offboarding

Employee onboarding and offboarding done with ease. Maintain employee documents in one place.


About Pipli Technologies Private Limited.

Pipli is built on the philosophy of ‘customer centricity’ and people being critical to business innovation. This is reflected in our approach to create deeper interaction with customers and helping businesses evolve around them.

Pipli is India’s first unified platform for creating augmented customer intelligence. We unlock data and insights for large and small companies in Brick and Mortar Retail, Hospitality, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Insurance etc.

Asanify Customer Stories - Pipli.ai

Pipli and their biggest priorities as a business

Pipli was incorporated back in March 2021. They have a very simple vision and have been following it since its creation. Historically, what Pipli realised is that there is an immense gap in traditional brick and mortar retail. When you talk about large retailers, there is an entire system in place to talk to customers and engage them. These small retailers want to have the same kind of engagement, but they find themselves constrained for two reasons. Firstly, they don't have the financial resources and secondly, they lack the know-how.

Tilak's journey began way before the incorporation of the company

Their group of co-founders had been discussing ideas and brainstorming over the last few years. It was by accident that we hit on the idea of Pipli. They got the right people in the group who could structure these thoughts and really identify the needs sharply. These people have significant experience in brick and mortar retail.

In the first couple of months, they knew their technology would work, because even before incorporation, they did a demonstration test. Then it was really about fine-tuning it. Getting to a point that would be acceptable and attractive to the target customers was the most significant part of the journey.

Journey since the product launch

"We very soon realised is that the nature of the beast was quite weird and unique- in the sense that the problem itself was immense. We were looking at a market that was diverse and had varying sets of requirements."

Says Tilak Pati, Strategy head- Pipli Technologies Private Limited.

So, the first step was to hear every problem out. At Pipli, they wanted to come up with a proposition and a feature that would be extremely attractive to any retailer rather than just solve a problem.

In the case of Pipli's target market, all of them have a billing system in place. You can't tell a retailer to give you 7 days to integrate with their system. These retailers already have billing systems in place, they spent money on it and are emotionally attached to it. They had to figure out how to install the system in the retailer's device in 5 minutes with no integration or deep technical skills.

Impact of Covid on Pipli Technologies

Their target segment is not very covid friendly. If there is a lockdown, the sales team can't go out and they can't get customers. So, the business is extremely sensitive to covid. So sensitive in the sense that they had to delay their product launch.

Here's why prospecting employees should join Pipli

"As a candidate, it is really about this opportunity to simply take up responsibility be completely independent, build them up and then see how the market responds. It is all about taking on the responsibilities."

Very few companies provide that kind of ownership.

Asanify helps Pipli attract talent through flawless people management capabilities

attendance policy cta

The expectations of today's candidates have changed. Earlier candidates would give you some kind of leeway. Tilak says,

"I don't think today's candidate will give you that kind of leeway. They expect you to be professional. They expect you to have all the systems in place. Any deviation from that will leave a poor impression. From my point of view, I expect Asanify to fill that gap. I expect Asanify to get as close to a partner as it can get."

Employees have a thousand questions for HR. The moment you have a platform where employees can get a solution to 80-90% of their problems, that really makes them comfortable. Even if it is something as simple as - where is the payslip?

What does Asanify mean to you?

According to Tilak,

"Peace of mind, I would say. Not having to bother about the things that I feel are important, but don't have the bandwidth to cater to. So for me, that is it, really. Trust me, I am someone who handled not just things related to HR, but also finance and strategy. I know exactly how much time I had to spend on these things. So for me, if one vertical is completely being taken care of and I know that I have faith and confidence that it is completely handled effectively, then it goes a long way..."