Key responsibilities of a customer success manager [Download JD template]

Key responsibilities of a customer success manager [Download JD template]

Ever wondered what a customer success manager does? And how to write a job description for them?

Job descriptions usually get the least amount of thought and are often neglected. But they are super important because it forms the deciding factor in whether a candidate applies for the job or not!

In this blog, I have covered everything you need to know about a customer success manager. I have written about the following points.

Click here to download a template of a customer success manager job description


Who is a customer success manager?

A customer success manager also known as a CSM is someone who is responsible for developing an overall great customer experience. They interact with a company’s customers, understanding their problems and grievances. This helps them better come up with solutions.

A CSM works with customers to make sure they receive all the tools and help they need to achieve their own goals. In an organization, a CSM also gives advice to potential customers around the decision-making process, in terms of what kind of products will work best for them. A CSM onboards customers as well, and ensures they have an overall smooth experience with the product and company.

What does a customer success manager do?

Once the sales team has completed the sales process, meaning converting a lead to a customer, then the customer is handed over to the customer success team. Here, carry out a number of tasks with include:

(I have only given an overall summary of the daily tasks because the detailed responsibilities and tasks are mentioned in-depth in the template which you can download from here).

  • Advocate for the company and onboard new customers
  • Encourage upsells and cross-sells to increase the customer lifetime value
  • Be the voice of the customer in the company

Best channels to post customer success manager job description

Very often people write the most amazing job description, put in so much effort to ensure that they add all the keywords get the JD to appear in searches and so on. But the biggest mistake they make is that they end up posting it on the wrong channels.

You need to be able to analyse your target applicants and understand the places and websites they will visit when they look for jobs.

For the role of a CSM, some of the relevant places you could consider are

  1. Glassdoor
  2. Career page of your own company
  3. LinkedIn
  4. If you’re looking for someone within your company for the role or for employee referrals, share the job description with your employees as well.

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Things to keep in mind while writing a job description 

While writing a job description it is important to do a few things. What are they?

Check for grammatical and spelling errors

There is nothing worse than errors and typos.

Imagine. You’re a candidate all stressed looking for a new job. You go through JD after JD looking for a good place to apply. Then you come across one which has a great job profile. You think you’ll love the work. The company has a decent brand name, and they are offering a good package too. 

But you come across many spelling errors or typos. Would you apply to this company or would you think that they don’t care enough to even proofread it once?

Research industry standards for the role of customer success manager

Make sure that the job profile is on par with industry standards (and maybe a little better. This will encourage candidates to apply to your company and help you get an upper edge when it comes to your employer brand.

Mention stipend

While the stipend isn’t an actual part of the Job description, mentioning a salary or compensation range will do you well in attracting top talent.


So, now you know exactly how to write a killer job description for the role of CSM. But why would you want to go through so much effort and waste time figuring out what goes in the JD and what doesn’t?

You could simply click here to download the customer success manager job description template for free now!


What does a customer success manager usually do?

They act as a liaison between the company and the customer. For the most part, their main focus revolves around increasing customer lifetime value through different methods and activities.

What qualifications are needed for a customer success manager?

Usually, the most basic requirement is a bachelor’s degree in Marketing or business administration or a similar field. While a post-graduate degree is also preferred, work experience in a customer-facing role or in the marketing department will ensure you have the right experience and skillset to apply for the role.

What are the 5 most important skills a customer success manager should have?

5 top skills include,
1. Communication skills
2. Relationship management
3. Empathy
4. Flexibility
5. Time management

What is customer success?

Customer success ensures that your company is helping its customers achieve their end goals through your product or service. You can do this by making sure they know how to use your product efficiently and are able to derive the best out of their relationship with your company.