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Companies often feel the need to outsource a part of their workload to an independent contractor. Such a person is not an employee of the company. However, they work independently, on the basis of a proper independent contractor agreement in place. Hiring a freelancer in USA for accelerating your business growth is probably the best decision that you are going to take today. Before hopping on to a professional relationship with any freelancer, make sure you have a standard labor contract agreement at your disposal. Read on to know about the foundational practices of hiring an independent contractor in the USA. By the end of this blog, you will acquaint yourself with the necessary elements that make for an ideal US independent contract agreement template. Moreover, as additional brownie points, you can even download the accurate contractor agreement template for your business.

In today’s blog post, we will cover:

Download Independent Contractor Agreement Template for Free

 What is an Independent Contractor Agreement Template ?

An independent contractor agreement in USA refers to a legally binding contract between an independent contractor or freelancer and a company or client based out of any state in the USA. Such a document lays down the various particulars of their work together. It provides a clear outline of:

  • the scope of work;
  • the deadline for the same;
  • the remittances that the contractor will receive upon the completion of the project, among others

Having a general contractor contract in place is beneficial for your own legal security as well. This is because the contract will clearly demarcate the difference between an employee and a contractor. In that way, you won’t find yourself entangled in a tricky situation where a freelancer may start claiming certain privileges that are reserved only for the employees of your company. Therefore, to ensure that the boundary between an employee and a contractor doesn’t get blurred and merge into one, the role of an independent contractor agreement is indispensable. A labor contract agreement doesn’t have to be too complex and ornate. It can be a simple contractor agreement with the required clauses incorporated into it.

In short, a contractor agreement defines, in clear terms, the various obligations that a contractor needs to fulfil, along with the mention of non-compete and non-solicitation causes, disputes, conditions for termination, and assertion of confidentiality. An independent contractor agreement may go by various names. These include:

  • Freelance Contractor Agreement;
  • General Contractor Agreement;
  • Subcontractor Agreement;
  • Contract Labor Document;
  • Work for Hire Contract;
  • 1099 Agreement

What Purpose Does A Labor Contract Agreement Serve?

A work contract agreement serves the purpose of safeguarding the interests of both the parties involved in business. Apart from offering legal protection to both the client/company and the freelancer, the contract establishes clarity with regards to the expected outcome from the latter’s end. Moreover, it contributes towards curtailing any sort of confusion that might arise between the two parties with regards to tax obligations and payments.

Using an independent contractor agreement also gives a company the much-needed assurance that their working methodologies would be kept confidential. This is because these agreements have a separate section on the clause of confidentiality and the consequences that the contractor will likely face, in case of its violation. It might also lay down the Intellectual Property Rights of the creative work delivered by the contractor, stating that the product is under the sole ownership of the company. In no way can the contract worker use the work, once delivered. To sum up, a contractors agreement acts as a legally binding document when two parties decide to embark on a project-basis work relationship.

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Who is an Independent Contractor in the USA?

In the USA, an independent contractor refers to a person who offers their services to a broad spectrum of people or the general public. As stated by the Internal Revenue Service, the umbrella term of “Independent Contractors” incorporates autonomous professionals such as:

  • Lawyers;
  • Stenographers;
  • Designers;
  • Content Writers;
  • Auctioneers;
  • Accountants;
  • Contractors;
  • Subcontractors;
  • Dentists;
  • Veterinarians

The IRS governs and implements the federal tax laws of the US. It clearly lays down a condition that can ascertain if an individual can call themselves an independent contractor. That is, the term of “Independent Contractor” can be used by a professional only if the payer owns the right to control and influence the outcome of the work, and not what is to be done and the process of doing the same. So, being an independent contractor is akin to being self-employed.

Further, the IRS clarifies that, if a person is engaged in an employer-employee relationship, their income won’t be subjected to self-employment tax. As an employee, your earnings may, however, be subjected to FICA and income tax.

Being an independent contractor entails the payment of the self-employment tax. You may check out what your tax obligations are by visiting the Self-Employed Individuals Tax Center.

When Do You Need A Work Contract Agreement?

Independent contractor agreement

If you are any one of these, using a contractor agreement is going to be an amazing idea:

  • An independent contractor/freelancer;
  • An individual client hiring a contract worker for a particular project;
  • A company recruiting a contractor to outsource a part of their workload

Either party may go ahead with presenting the independent contractor agreement sample. For example, the freelancer may download the US  contractor template, modify it as needed, and present it to the client. Similarly, the client may make the move to draft the contractor template, and produce it before the contract worker. There might even be cases when both the parties decide to structure the contractors agreement that would suit mutual interests and establish enhanced clarity of vision with regards to the project. However, in case of a company outsourcing a project to a contractor, the contract document is usually expected to be presented from the former’s end.

The types of independent contract agreement vary, depending on the niche skills of the professional whom you are going to hire. So, on the basis of the service provider you are hiring, the 1099 contractor agreement form can be of the following kinds, but not limited to:

  • Contract agreement for construction;
  • Real estate contractor agreement;
  • Freelance contractor agreement;
  • Civil work labor contract agreement;
  • Contract for house cleaning;
  • Electrical subcontractor agreement;
  • Musician contractor agreement;
  • Graphic design subcontractor agreement

Importance of Using a Contractor Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent Contract Agreements offer benefits to all the parties involved. This is because it preserves the interests of both the client/company and the contractor/freelancer. Further, it restricts the risks of the emergence of any kind of conflicts or legal complications.

Let’s see what benefits a contractor agreement offers to its participants!


  • Safeguards the business motives of the company;
  • Offers protection to the assets and products of the company;
  • Insulates the company from ending up in any legal complications;
  • Ensures the non-disclosure of information from the contractor’s end, thereby maintaining the company’s confidentiality;
  • Assures protection of liabilities


  • Offers security of payment by clearly stating the terms of remuneration upon the completion of the work;
  • Establishes a set of regulations about the scope of work and expectations from the end-product;
  • Gives a sense of professionalism while interacting with and working for the clients


  • Assurance of getting the work done within the stipulated date as mentioned in the contract;
  • Legal safeguarding in some unforeseeable situations, for instance, the freelancer’s not completing the task or delivering low-quality work;
  • Authority to terminate the contract if the work is not done as per the mentioned guidelines; for instance, the contractor’s not being much communicative with the client, or not adhering to the project guidelines

 10 Crucial Components of a Labor Contract Agreement

Before moving ahead with signing the 1099 contractor agreement form, you need to make sure that the legal document is in the right format. Signing a wrongly ordered document may land you in a mishap. Further, you won’t get any legal protection if some important clauses go missing from the contractor agreement.

So, how can you be sure that you are signing on the right contract? Well, there are 10 vital components of a contractor template that makes it an ideal one. As a result, it is prudent enough to look out for the following elements that make for a flawless 1099 contractor agreement example.

1. Assertion of the Independent Contractor Relationship 

First things first: what ought to be the foremost element that you need to look out for in a contractors agreement? This is going to be the most vital part determining the nature of the working relationship between the two parties. For example, in this case, the introductory part of the contractor template needs to specify who is the client and who is the contract worker. Apart from laying down the legal names of the parties involved, it needs to make a mention of the present date, and the permanent addresses of each party.

The establishment of the independent contractor relationship with the client is the most significant section here. However, you may also consider adding a clause stating that the service provider won’t be entitled to enjoy certain privileges that are reserved only for the employees.

It is always a good idea to specify that the contract worker needs to look after their tax responsibilities themselves. So, you can use the introductory part of the document to lay down whether the worker needs to exhibit any proof of liability insurance. For instance, the service provider faces a mishap while doing the job. In that case, the company can easily cover the expenses.

2. Scope of Work to be Assigned 

This is the core part of the contractor template where you will be stating the work that the contract worker needs to complete in exchange for remuneration. It is all about laying out the deliverables that the freelancer is going to deliver.

Depending upon the job that the contract worker is going to do, the assertion of the scope of work needs to be made specific. For example, you are hiring a freelance script writer. In that case, you ought to mention something like this: “The contractor will deliver one 10 minutes-long ad-script promoting the services of (your company’s name).” However, if the project is more on the complex side, you may break it into fragmentary parts or milestones.

3. Deadline of the Project

An ideal contractor template is the one that establishes a clear picture of the timeline within which the contract worker needs to complete the project. If the project consists of smaller milestones, make sure to add separate deadlines for the completion of each of these. Therefore, having a set date as the deadline of the project in the contract is a must for both the parties to maintain clarity about the on-going work.

4. Payment Conditions

Specifying how and when the service provider is going to be paid forms another important element of a flawless contractors agreement. You may resort to net 30 as the mode of payment. This means, paying the worker within a period of 30 days of the submission of their invoice. Also, you may choose end-of-month or EOM invoicing method, in which the worker will send you an invoice, and he will receive the payment at the end of every month.

5. Declaration of the Contractor’s Obligations

You can add a separate clause stating the contractor’s obligations in the contractor agreement. For example, you want the worker to complete some paperwork on your behalf. Or say, the worker feels the need to hire some other people under them for the completion of the project. For example, the service provider needs to recruit 3 people under him to complete the project. In such a case, finalizing a subcontractor agreement will become essential. Therefore, any additional roles or activities that a contractor performs in the course of the finalization of the project needs to be d presented on paper.

6. Assertion of Confidentiality and Trade Secrets

This clause is vital for it restrains the worker from sharing or leaking any sort of company material to outside parties. It is essential for any company outsourcing their workload to a service provider. Working with an external worker might make the company apprehensive of the security of its private information. As a result, inclusion of this part in the contract is of utmost importance, further ensuring the company that the worker won’t use its sensitive information in any way.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

While hiring an independent contract worker, having a thorough knowledge of the Intellectual Property Rights is way too important. This clause of the agreement specifies that the deliverable, especially, any creative or research-oriented material produced by the worker is the sole property of the company. In other words, the worker can, in no way, use this material for their other clients or share it with others. However, in some cases, both the parties may come to a mutual agreement to let the contract worker showcase the deliverable as a part of their portfolio.

8. Mention of Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Clauses

Let’s understand what non-compete and non-solicitation clauses imply.

A non-compete clause implies that the worker can not enter into any professional relationship with your competitor companies while working on your project. Some clauses even restrict the worker from working with your competitors for a defined time period after the project’s completion. Not only this but the clause may also bar the contract worker from establishing their own venture falling in the same industry as yours.

Non-solicitation clause states that the service provider can’t do business with any of your clients for a fixed period of time after the completion of the project.

9. Conditions for Termination

A work contract agreement must lay down the grounds for termination of the project. Either party may choose to terminate the contract on the basis of certain grounds that they mutually agree upon. This section may also outline the number of days prior to which when one party needs to inform the other about the cancellation of the contract. In other words, there needs to be a clear mention of the notice period. This would aid the other party in planning things accordingly upon contract termination.

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10. Disputes

This clause is a must-have for an ideal independent contract agreement template. In case of any conflicts or disputes between the two parties, the situation has to be resolved with the aid of state laws. So, this section will lay down laws of a specific state that is going to be followed to steer away the dispute. Usually, the laws of the state where the company is based out of, is followed. However, if the company has offices at multiple locations, laws of the state where the headquarter is located, might be referred to. The dispute resolution will be against the state laws from where the contractor hails.

Independent Contractor Agreement Template by State- Free Download

Alabama Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

An Alabama independent contractor agreement is a work contract agreement that is used when an individual carries out a task in exchange for remuneration. The client, who is receiving the services, needs to make the payment upon the successful delivery of the final deliverable. In this kind of work setting, the payer doesn’t need to abide by the obligations that an employer needs to follow. The contract worker will be solely responsible for filing the State and Federal income tax apart from availing themselves of other perks such as health insurance.

Alaska Independent Contractor Agreement Template

An Alaska independent contractor agreement refers to a legal freelancer contractor document that describes the terms and conditions governing a specific project between the client and the service provider. The client may also be a company or an individual requiring the services of a particular contractor to discharge their skills to complete a specific task. This agreement will establish the rules and regulations governing the work between the two parties. As a result, clarity about the scope of work is established through the contract.

Arizona Independent Contractor Agreement Template

An Arizona independent contractor agreement lays out the work relationship between a client and a service provider who will be working for a particular tenure on a project. This form of document outlines the obligations to be fulfilled on the part of the service provider to receive compensation. Most importantly, this contractor agreement serves as a formal declaration of the service provider’s autonomous working status. Thus, clarification about the taxes is also obtained. This is because no tax amount ought to be deducted from the contract worker’s salary. They will be responsible for filing their own taxes.

Arkansas Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

An Arkansas independent contractor agreement acts as a formalization of the working relationship established between the two parties. Giving mutual assent to the labor contract agreement terms ensures that no conflict or miscommunication would arise over the deadline, delivery of the work, service expenses, etc. Signing this document is essential in the event of embarking on a new contractual relationship.

California Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

A California independent contractor agreement lays down the client expectations at the time of hiring a contract worker. Starting from monetary compensation, deadline of the project to termination of the project, this document specifies every possible element that are necessary to ensure transparency and clarity in the establishment of a contractor-client relationship.

On 30th April, 2018, the California Supreme Court brought about a significant verdict regarding the determining guidelines governing the identification of an individual as a contract worker or an employee. The court directed that all individuals in California working for wages are employees unless the novel ABC Test is used to establish evidence otherwise. The test entails:

A: That the service provider is independent of the supervision and direction of the recruiter with respect to the dissemination of their skills related to the work;

B: That the contract worker renders certain service that doesn’t fall under the ambit of the usual structure of the recruiting establishment’s venture;

C: That the worker is involved in an independent profession, trade or business of the identical nature as that of the role performed as a part of the project.

All the three above-mentioned conditions need to be taken into consideration while ascertaining whether an individual ought to be treated as an employee or a contract worker in California.

Colorado Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Colorado Independent Contractor Agreement foregrounds the terms and conditions governing the work relationship between a client and a contract worker. It lays down the services that the contract worker is going to offer and the remuneration that the client is going to pay to the former upon completion of the project. Usually, the freelancer receives payment after the work gets delivered. However, some other payment frequency may also be established provided that both the parties give their nod to it. In the event of the client not being able to establish the identity of the worker as an independent service provider, the former may have to offer insurance perks and other benefits that the employees of a company enjoy.

Connecticut Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Connecticut independent contractor agreement is an authoritative work contract document that establishes the working guidelines between a client and a contract worker. Various elements ranging from project deadline to remuneration terms- everything is clearly outlined in the agreement. This is essential to prevent the emergence of any conflicts between the two parties related to the final deliverable and the disbursal of wages. Moreover, establishing the identity of the service provider as a contract worker is important. Else, the client will need to take care of the provision of insurance benefits and other perks that are otherwise reserved solely for employees.

Delaware Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Delaware independent contractor agreement refers to a working relationship between a client and a contract worker for the latter to disseminate their skillset to complete a particular project. Apart from defining the contractual obligations, the document also outlines the client expectations. Moreover, it also affirms the identity of the service provider as an independent contractor and not that of an employee. This is crucial because, in that way, no taxes will be deducted from the freelancers’ remuneration.

Florida Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Florida independent contractor agreement clarifies the operating terms through which the client-contract worker can navigate themselves throughout the course of the project completion. It establishes the fact that the worker is going to receive their due compensation and no other insurance benefits or other perks that employees usually do. Basically, the contract also foregrounds the contract worker’s status of being “independent”. To sum up, it states that the client ought not to oversee how the contract worker is going to work. They are to review only the end product of the contract worker.

Georgia Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Georgia independent contractor agreement acts as a legally binding contract that a company or an individual client may use while purchasing the services of a contract worker. Having this document in place is essential to enhance clarity about the work, specify the deadline for the same, and lay out the terms and conditions of payment. Mis-classification of independent contract workers might result in the client to pay greater taxes on the hired worker’s income.

Hawaii Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

A Hawaii independent contractor agreement is drafted when a client hires a service provider for getting a specific work done. Such a work contract agreement is crucial to maintain clarity about the work at hand. Affirmation of the identity of the recruited person as a contract worker, and not an employee, is essential to ensure taxes are not deducted on their income.

Idaho Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

An Idaho Independent Contractor Agreement aids in formalizing the relationship between a client and a contract worker. This is used when the hiring party recruits a freelancer to complete a certain work. It is important to have this agreement in place to avert any kind of conflicts or disputes related to the final deliverable delays and remuneration issues. Moreover, it aids in the establishment of mutual trust between the two parties. Further, defining the work conditions via a legally binding document forms one of the best practices of hiring an independent contractor.

Illinois Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

An Illinois Independent Contractor Agreement forms the backbone of a healthy client-contractor relationship. This freelance contractor agreement is used to detail the guidelines about the project. It lists down various sections including non-competent and non-solicitation clauses while also specifying the terms of payment, services demanded, grounds of contract termination, etc. Further, the document acts as a sort of evidence in asserting the identity of the hired person as a fully independent contract worker. In that way, tax deduction from the worker’s compensation won’t take place. They won’t also have access to any benefits like that of insurance or other perks that standard employees of a company enjoy.

Indiana Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

An Indiana Independent Contractor Agreement acts as a guiding document defining the relationship between a client and a contract worker. Whenever any company or individual client moves ahead with availing themselves of the services of a contract worker, producing this legally binding document is essential. Apart from laying out the guidelines about the compensation discharge and project deadline, it contains the vital clause of covering the protection of the company/client’s confidential information. Further, the labor contract agreement may also make a mention of the non-compete and non-solicitation causes. To prevent mis-classification of the independent contract worker and paying taxes consequentially, it is important for the client to have this independent contract agreement template in place to uphold the boundary separating a worker from an employee.

Iowa Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

An Iowa Independent Contractor Agreement acts as a robust pillar based upon which the foundation of relationship between a client/company and a contract worker rests. Before working with a freelancer to complete a particular job, mutually agreeing to the terms and conditions of the contractor agreement is essential. It lays down various conditions ranging from the remuneration terms, project deadline, non-compete and non-solicitation clauses, indemnification to the grounds of contract cancellation. Each party may add their own clauses to ensure both of their rights are taken into consideration. Upon mutually agreeing to the contract provisions, both the parties may embark on the work journey. So, the importance of this document is paramount in ensuring no legal battles erupt between the client and the contract worker.

Kansas Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Kansas Independent Contractor Agreement is used when an entity (may either be a person or a business) hires a contract worker for a specific project. It is important to give mutual assent to this document because it gives clarity about the work along with the specification of several other sections that include:

  • Deadline of the project;
  • Terms of payment;
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation clauses;
  • Non-disclosure Agreement

Both the parties are free to add other subsections to the labor contract agreement. However, mutual approval is a must to the laid down guidelines in the contract. Assertion of the contract worker’s identity as being truly “independent” is essential. The reason lies in preventing the bewilderment that may follow with the overlapping of their identity to that of an employee.

Kentucky Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Kentucky Independent Contractor Agreement is a document powered by law that construes the association of an entity with that of a worker. It establishes several guidelines directing the submission of the final deliverable. Moreover, it clarifies the work scope, project deadline, termination grounds, and remuneration terms. So, specifying these important factors is essential to prevent the cropping up of legal hassle between the two parties.

Louisiana Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Louisiana Independent Contractor Agreement forms the core of the commencement of the working relationship between a client and an independent contract worker. It is important for both the parties to sign this document before getting started with a project. Further, its essence gets amplified as it demarcates the distinction between this form of contract and an employee contract agreement. It also prevents the mis-classification of workers. Thus, it aids in saving the client from taking the extra burden of offering employee benefits to a contract worker.

Maine Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Maine Independent Contractor Agreement acts as a stepping stone towards the inception of a professional relationship between the client or company and the self-employed worker. Both the parties may negotiate among themselves with the terms of the contract to reach a final conclusion. It portrays the differences between an employee and a contract worker. As a result, the hiring entity is spared from the obligations to offer the worker benefits identical to that of the employees. Moreover, it lists down several crucial sections that are:

  • Deadline of the project;
  • Grounds of termination;
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation clauses;
  • Dispute dissipation terms;
  • Non-disclosure clause

Maryland Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Maryland Independent Contractor Agreement acts as a guiding document when a client hires a contract worker to complete a particular project. It lists down several important pointers, starting from the project deadline to termination conditions. As a result, it leads to the emergence of a conducive aura consisting of mutual trust and co-operation between the two parties. Therefore, any sort of misunderstandings and legal conflict between the hiring party and the service provider is done away with.

Massachusetts Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Massachusetts Independent Contractor Agreement serves the function of offering legal protection to both the client and the worker in case any deviation from the established protocols occurs. In case of either party violating the contract terms, the document would safeguard the interests of the wronged party. Importantly, the document establishes the identity of the independent contractor. As a result, it aids in the prevention of construing them as being employees of the company. This demarcation is crucial else the client would have to offer the same benefits to the contract worker as they do to their employees.

Michigan Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Michigan Independent Contractor Agreement is an official document asserting the relationship between an entity and a freelancer. It directs what the contract worker is going to work upon and within what time frame. Further, it covers diverse clauses starting from payment terms, termination grounds to non-solicitation clauses. Not only this but the document also posits the identity of the hired person as being an independent worker and not an employee. As a result, the client doesn’t need to burden themselves with tax deductions from the worker’s compensation. Further, the hiring entity won’t have to pay heed to the provision of insurance and other benefits that are usually reserved for employees of that company. However, Michigan uses the IRS-20 factors test to determine if an individual is an independent contractor or an employee.

The IRS-20 factors test consists of three broad factors that assess the nature of engagement of an individual with an organization. These include:

  • Behavioral Control: These include factors defining how, when or where the contractor is going to do the work. In short, these factors are all about the instructions that the hiring entity imparts to the contractor. The hiring entity can only review the final deliverable. They can’t supervise how and where the contractor is working. If the client owns the right to direct and control how the contractor does the job, they won’t be branded as independent workers.
  • Financial Control: It covers factors determining the hiring entity’s right to monitor the various business aspects of the contractor’s work. If an individual doesn’t receive any tools or equipment from the hiring entity, they are termed as contractors. Further, an employee has no liability for the expenses of the business. However, an independent contractor may incur losses or enjoy profits as a consequence of performing the work.
  • Relationship of Parties: The affirmation of the relationship of the parties is possible solely via a written agreement. If an individual enjoys health insurance or paid leave, they are engaged in a relationship of employment. However, if an individual doesn’t enjoy these privileges, that’s because they are independent contractors. Their engagement is only for a brief period and is, therefore, temporary.

Minnesota Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Minnesota Independent Contractor Agreement refers to a legal contract between a hiring entity and a contract worker who needs to complete a project. It specifies the work that the freelancer is going to deliver and the timeline for the same. Both the parties may come up with their respective terms and conditions for the 1099 contractor agreement. Once they agree to the laid down terms, they may move ahead with finalizing the contract. Apart from mentioning the obvious sections, the contractor agreement may include the following:

  • Compensation terms;
  • Licenses;
  • Expenses;
  • Taxes;
  • Insurance

By establishing the identity of the freelancer as an independent contractor, the following terms get pronounced:

  • The contract worker needs to take care of his tax obligations.
  • The client won’t have anything to do with the tax deductions from the contractor’s remuneration.
  • The hiring entity won’t have any obligation to offer the contractor health insurance or any other benefits that employees of a company have access to.

Mississippi Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Mississippi Independent Contractor Agreement is a well-documented, legal contract concretizing the work relationship between an entity and a service provider. The entity can either be a company or an individual client. When a client hires a service provider, the latter may finalize a justified compensation in exchange of the services he will render. Such mentions are found in the contract agreement. Moreover, it also incorporates other essential elements such as non-compete and non-solicitation clauses, confidentiality, termination conditions, etc. A mistake in classifying the service provider as independent contractor with the absence of this document may entangle the hiring entity in a web of legal complications. Therefore, drafting this agreement is a must.

Missouri Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Missouri Independent Contractor Agreement is a well-crafted document detailing the guidelines governing the commencement of a temporary business. A company or an individual client and a contractor form the core participants in this transient business work. This legally binding document may also specify whether the contractor needs to hire subcontractors to get the particular work done. Further, it enumerates the compensation that the contractor agrees upon, in exchange for the services offered. Moreover, it also lays down the following sections:

  • Business Licenses, Permits, and Certificates;
  • Federal and State Taxes;
  • Indemnification;
  • Confidentiality of information;
  • Governing Law;
  • Timeline;
  • Payment Terms

Montana Independent Contractor Agreement Template

Montana Independent Contractor Agreement is a document deriving its power from law. It is signed between a client and a contractor who will complete a particular work for the hiring entity. Signing this agreement prior to the start of the work offers assurance to both the parties that they will be respecting the terms mentioned in the contract. Either party is free to add some other clauses, apart from the obvious ones, to shield themselves from liabilities. It lays down guidelines regarding payment conditions, work deadline, maintenance of confidentiality, among others.

Nebraska Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Nebraska Independent Contractor Agreement is used to complete a particular project by hiring an independent contractor for the same. The agreement is signed between the hiring unit and the contractor. It establishes the terms of payment, deadline of the project, contract cancellation circumstances, etc. Further, this 1099 contractor agreement sheds light on the nature of engagement of the service provider. By confirming the person’s identity as an independent contractor, the hiring unit illuminates the fact that the former will file their own taxes. Moreover, they won’t have access to any employee benefits or insurance.

Nevada Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Nevada Independent Contractor Agreement is a legalized document defining the commencement of a temporary work relationship between a business/client and a contractor. Apart from laying down the client’s expectations, it also states the contractor’s remuneration figure, date for final deliverable, and contract termination grounds. Further, it upholds the identity of the service provider as an independent contractor. The 1099 contractor agreement also aids in differentiating between an employee and a contract worker. This, in turn, makes the following two conditions implicit:

  • Independent contractors will file their own taxes. The hiring entity won’t have to take the burden of this task on their shoulders. As a result, no tax deductions will be made from the contractor’s monetary compensation.
  • The service provider won’t enjoy any insurance or other incentives that employees of a company do.

The agreement may define the condition of the contract worker being accountable for any sort of physical liability. So, the client may choose to add a separate clause defining the least amount that the contractor needs to obtain.

New Hampshire Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

New Hampshire Independent Contractor Agreement helps define the terms governing the relationship between a client and a contractor. It is used when both the parties set out to mark the beginning of a temporary work association. Mutual consent to the terms of the contract ensures that both the parties will show their reverence for the agreement.

Further, the contract confirms the categorization of the freelancer as an independent contractor. This is essential to affirm that the contractor will file his own taxes. Therefore, the client doesn’t need to bother themselves with tax deductions from the contractor’s remuneration.

Having this agreement in place ensures that the service provider will receive his due payment in exchange for the services offered. The client also receives assurance that they will receive the service within the stipulated deadline. In case of things going haywire, contract termination may also take place as per the termination grounds.

New Jersey Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

New Jersey Independent Contractor Agreement forms the core of the temporary work relationship between a client and a contractor. The document not only protects the contractor’s interest of receiving the agreed fee in exchange for services but also safeguards the client from some accountabilities. The contract defines that:

  • The worker will file his own taxes as his recognition as an independent contractor gets legalized.
  • Both the contractor and their subcontractors will function under the State Law, and be responsible for filing their self-employment taxes.
  • The contract worker won’t receive any tools or relevant equipment from the hiring entity. Further, they won’t have access to any insurance benefits.

The contractor also receives assurance that they will obtain their due compensation in exchange for the work delivered. The 1099 contractor agreement form comes to life after both the parties agree to its terms and conditions.

New Mexico Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

New Mexico Independent Contractor Agreement serves the function of ensuring both the client and the contractor that their respective interests will be duly safeguarded. Its importance emerges when a company or client hires a freelancer to complete a skill-specific project. It lays down the following crucial terms:

  • Work description;
  • Date of final work delivery;
  • Payment terms;
  • Method of dispute absolution;
  • Affirmation of the identity of the contractor as being an “independent worker”

New York Work Contract Agreement Template 

New York Work Contract Agreement acts as a legal framework supporting the foundation of the relationship between a client/company and a contractor. Further, it specifies the mode of payment, deadline of the project, and scope of the work. Moreover, by establishing the identity of the hired individual as an independent contractor frees the client from certain liabilities. This is because the contractor would have to take care of their own taxes. They will also not receive any insurance benefits because these are meant only for the standard employees of a firm.

In New York, a five-factor test aids in detecting whether an employer-employee relationship exists between the two parties indulged in carrying out a specific business work. The Court of Appeals of the State of New York introduced this assessment rule on December 2, 2003. The five factors are:

  • If the worker is competent to direct their own working methodology;
  • If the worker can engage themselves in other jobs simultaneously;
  • If the worker has access to benefits and insurance;
  • If the worker is on the payroll of the company/business;
  • If the worker has the autonomy to fix their schedule themselves and work accordingly

North Carolina Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

North Carolina Independent Contractor Agreement is a legal document that receives approval from both the client and the contractor when they kick start a new project. Usually, this 1099 contractor agreement is used when a client/firm hires a professional external to their usual business course. Further, it lays down the remuneration that the contractor is going to receive after the completion of the work. Apart from elucidating the contractor’s identity as being an independent worker, it also lays down various other clauses:

  • Non-compete and non-solicitation clauses;
  • Licenses and taxes;
  • Termination grounds;
  • Non-disclosure clauses

North Dakota Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

North Dakota Independent Contractor Agreement helps indicate the work association of a contractor with a client. It specifies the amount that the contractor will receive after the delivery of the work. Further, it may also include a separate clause if the client wishes to pay for certain expenses of the contractor. Basically, its myriad of core uses involve the following:

  • Specifies the date of final delivery;
  • Safeguards the contractor’s interest of receiving the compensation fairly;
  • Protects the clients from certain liabilities such as catering to the provision of insurance or other expenses to the contractor

Once mutually agreed upon, the work contract agreement offers assurance to both the parties that they will fulfil their respective obligations.

Ohio Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

An Ohio Independent Contractor Agreement outlines the regulations administering the beginning of a work relationship between a client and a contractor. Drafting this ensures the contractor that they will receive their remuneration upon the delivery of the required services. It also lists down the deadline of the project, guidelines regarding the work, and establishes the identity of the worker as an “independent” one. Preservation of a copy of this agreement for use in the future is advisable.

Oklahoma Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

An Oklahoma Independent Contractor Agreement is a legal manual enumerating the various terms that a contractor needs to follow to complete a specific project. It also defines the compensation that the client will be offering to the contractor. Further, it mentions the timeline for the project completion along with the grounds for termination, provided any untoward thing occurs. Mutual agreement to the terms of this contract is essential to steer away the incidence of any sort of legal conflicts in future.

Oregon Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

An Oregon Independent Contractor Agreement helps to keep things in order when a firm or individual client hires a contract worker to complete a particular job. It gives the contractor the much-needed assurance that they will receive due compensation as discussed mutually. Further, it safeguards the client from some liabilities. For instance, they won’t have to offer the contractor any insurance benefits or take care of their tax deductions. This is because the contractor’s status as an independent worker gets clearly pronounced. In short, the client gets the guarantee that they will receive the work. Likewise, the contractor gets the confirmation that they will receive their payment.

Pennsylvania Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Pennsylvania Independent Contractor Agreement formalizes the professional relationship between a hiring unit and a contractor. Apart from confirming that both the parties will honor the mutual commitments, the legally binding contract makes a mention of the following elements:

  • Due date;
  • Liability insurance;
  • Expenses;
  • Compensation;
  • Termination options;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Indemnification;
  • Additional terms and conditions (if any)

Thus, both the parties may resort to the 1099 contractor agreement form in case of fallouts.

Rhode Island Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Rhode Island Independent Contractor Agreement serves the purpose of protecting the interests of both the client and the contractor when they move ahead with working on a new project. It lays down the following core attributes:

  • Work guidelines for the contractor;
  • Remuneration terms;
  • Stipulated time period of the project;
  • Governing law;
  • Clause regarding the secrecy maintenance of the hiring entity’s confidential information;

Both parties are free to customize the 1099 contractor agreement form as per their requirements by including additional clauses. Once both of them agree to the said terms, work can begin right then.

South Carolina Labor Contract Agreement Template 

South Carolina Labor Contract Agreement comes into use when a hiring entity from this state appoints a contractor for a particular project. It is significant in establishing the identity of the contractor as an independent worker. As a result, the client can avert the liabilities of paying attention to the contractor’s tax deductions. The contractor also can’t claim privileges and insurance identical to that of the employees. Furthermore, the document helps the contractor to stay assured of the fact that they will receive the remuneration on time. On the other hand, the hiring entity can stay certain of the contractor delivering the work on time, as mentioned in the legal contract.

South Dakota Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

South Dakota Independent Contractor Agreement serves the purpose of a stringent legal contract that a client or company uses while hiring a professional to perform a job for a temporary period. Both the parties need to agree to the following terms before finalizing the contract:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the contract worker;
  • Terms of monetary compensation;
  • Project tenure;
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation clauses;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Licenses and taxes

Tennessee Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

A Tennessee Independent Contractor Agreement secures the work relationship between a hiring party and a service provider who needs to use their skills to complete a particular project. It is crucial for both the parties to express their consent to the mentioned terms in the agreement. Apart from specifying the deadline, remuneration terms, identity of the contract worker as being “independent,” the 1099 contractor agreement also contains certain crucial clauses, such as:

  • Non-disclosure clause;
  • Non-competent and non-solicitation clause

Signing this agreement is essential before hiring an independent contract worker. In that way, the parties can keep future legal complications at bay.

Texas Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Texas Independent Contractor Agreement comes into existence when a business or client selects a freelancer to complete a project. It acts as a safety measure by preserving the interests of both the parties. While the contractor gets the assurance that they will receive the payment on due time, the hiring body too gets the confirmation that they would receive the required services. Further, the client won’t have to spend time taking care of their tax filing responsibilities. After all, they will be working as “independent contractors” and not employees of that firm.

Utah Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Utah Independent Contractor Agreement explicates the mutually agreed terms reigning over a professional association between a client and a service provider. Core terms that are present in this form of contract are:

  • Work details;
  • Contractor responsibilities;
  • Remuneration terms;
  • Defining the identity of the service provider as an independent contractor;
  • Dispute resolution terms;
  • Confidentiality

Apart from these obvious sections, either party may add on to the list by introducing further clauses to which both the parties must express their consent.

Vermont Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Vermont Independent Contractor Agreement secures the interests of both the client and the contract worker who needs to discharge their skills for a defined project. The contractor gets the legal backing that they will receive the payment on time for finishing the project. Likewise, the client won’t have to worry about deducting taxes from the contractor’s payment. Further, the hiring entity’s sensitive information will receive due protection owing to the non-disclosure clause of the agreement. Tenure of the project and payment terms are other crucial sections of this agreement.

Virginia Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

A Virginia Independent Contractor Agreement adds a legal touch to the event of recruitment of a service provider in a company. It formalizes the temporary work relationship between a client/company and a contractor. It sheds light on the following essential sections:

  • Project description;
  • Remuneration disbursal frequency;
  • Deadline;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Subcontractor clauses;
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation clauses

Washington Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Washington Independent Contractor Agreement attaches two parties- the client and the contractor in a temporary work relationship. It usually lasts till the completion of the project. Signing this document is essential to ensure that the contractor will receive his financial compensation upon the discharge of services. The client will also be able to avert the hassle of deducting taxes from the worker’s compensation. In short, it legally formalizes the professional relationship between the two parties to restrict the emergence of any legal battles in future.

Washington D.C. Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Washington D. C. Labor Contract Agreement lays down the guidelines governing the contractual work relationship between the client and the contractor. It specifies when the contract termination will take place, while also defining the compensation that the worker will obtain. Washington D. C. has its own exclusive way of ascertaining whether a worker is an independent worker or an employee. Basically, the contractor has greater liberty about the workflow as the client ought not to supervise the work methodology. In that way, the contractor’s work relationship receives classification.

West Virginia Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

West Virginia Independent Contractor Agreement contributes towards defining the contractual work relationship between the client and the contractor. While the contractor receives confirmation about their compensation after the rendering of services, the client’s confidential information also gets due protection via this legal document. Important sections that this contract defines, include:

  • Guidelines related to the project;
  • Tax information;
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation clauses;
  • Payment terms;
  • Contract cancellation circumstances

Wisconsin Independent Contractor Agreement Template 

Wisconsin Independent Contractor Agreement Template is formulated between a client and a contractor for the latter to complete a certain task. Important provisions that this document encompasses include:

  • Work description;
  • Establishment of the client-contractor relationship;
  • Deadline;
  • Payment conditions;
  • Confidentiality clause

Wyoming Work Contract Agreement Template 

A Wyoming Independent Contractor Agreement is a legal document signed between a client and a contract worker. Classifying the worker as an independent contractor is essential to save the client from indulging in the tax withholding hassle. This is because an independent contractor files his own taxes. As a result, tax deductions from the contractor’s income don’t occur. They won’t have access to insurance and other perks because only employees of a firm get to enjoy these. It is an important document for the contractor gets to have a clear knowledge when they are going to receive the compensation and till when the contract is going to exist.

asanify independent contractor agreement and management software

Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring an Independent Contractor in the US

Let’s have a look at the essential practices of hiring a contract worker in the USA.


Before hiring a service provider in the USA on the basis of a contract, make sure you do the following:

  • Use the right independent contract agreement template;
  • Ensure that the business relationship between the two parties has been clearly pronounced;
  • Confirm if the contractor whom you are going to hire is running their independent business


As a recruiter of independent contractors in USA, make sure you don’t do the following:

  • Offering the contractors supplies, materials, tools or other equipment;
  • Over-supervising the contract workers;
  • Violating the guidelines mentioned in the contractor agreement

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Final Words

With the emergence of the hot trend of outsourcing projects to contract workers, drafting a contractor agreement has become way too important. Freelancers and contract workers are here to stay. So, if you wish to bring growth to your business by using the expertise of contract workers, hiring them is the first thing you need to contemplate upon. As we discussed before, you can do that with the aid of a proper 1099 contractor agreement template in place. So, what are you waiting for? Hire skilled contract workers in a jiffy with the right contractor template that we have curated for you. Managing contractors and consolidating their payouts is also a herculean task. But, guess what? You can do that easily using Asanify’s Contractor Management System. So, just leave things to us, lay back on your couch, and relax!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is independent contractor agreement in contract?

A work contract agreement is a legally binding document that lays down the terms and conditions governing the work of a freelancer. Starting from the scope of work to terms of payment, the 1099 contractor agreement needs to specify all the crucial clauses affirming the relationship between the client and the service provider.

Who can work as independent contractor in USA?

Professionals such as writers, graphic designers, editors, stenographers, lawyers, etc., who have established their respective independent businesses, and are not full-time employees of any organization, can work as independent contractors in USA. Work can begin after both the client and the service provider give mutual assent to the clauses of a freelance contractor agreement.

What is a 1099 contract?

A 1099 contract refers to a labor contract agreement that affirms the relationship between the client and the contract worker. The service providers are also popularly known as freelancers, self-employed professionals or independent contractors.

What is 1099 in US?

1099 is basically a tax form by the Internal Revenue Service or IRS. It is largely used to record the net income that a contract worker has received annually. Therefore, all freelancers, and independent workers need to use the 1099 form. This is important to record the income they are receiving in a year.

Why use a contract agreement?

Using a contract agreement is essential because it establishes the scope of work, payment terms, and various other particularities that make for a great client-freelancer relationship, while also avoiding any sort of legal complications that might arise in the future.

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