Empowering Climate Change: Interview with Manuel Schoenfeld, PowerX CEO

Welcome to another insightful podcast episode of “Simplify Work.” I’m your host, Priyom Sarkar, Founder, and CEO of Asanify. Today, we have the privilege of having an interview with Manuel Schoenfeld, the visionary Founder and CEO of PowerX. PowerX, a trailblazing hardware-enabled AI company, is on a formidable mission to combat climate change and redefine the future of sustainable technology.

A Force to Be Reckoned With

Voted among the top 10 Y Combinator companies in 2023, PowerX has rapidly ascended the ranks with a stellar track record. The company has earned unwavering support from renowned VC funds, including Antler, Phoenix, Pioneer, Liquid2, Sequoia Scouts, Springtide, and Y Combinator.

Transforming Conservation

One of PowerX’s standout achievements is its commitment to conservation. With thousands of installed hardware units worldwide, PowerX is leading the charge in energy and water conservation. Simultaneously, it’s significantly reducing carbon emissions for some of the world’s most influential brands. This impressive feat underscores the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship.

Manuel Schoenfeld Interview: The Remarkable Journey

Before embarking on his groundbreaking venture with PowerX, Manuel Schoenfeld cultivated an impressive career that spanned the globe. He was a valued advisor at McKinsey and Company, where he shaped innovative energy solutions on a global scale. His advisory roles at the World Bank and Morgan Stanley Hong Kong also contributed to his remarkable journey.

An Authoritative Voice

Manuel is not just a leader in the field; he’s also an influential author. His works, including books and articles, have been widely cited and recognized. He made notable contributions to the prestigious World Development Report 2018, showcasing his profound understanding of the energy landscape.

Manuel Schoenfeld Interview: Building a Remote-First Culture

In this episode, we delve deep into the intricacies of building a remote-first company. This is especially intriguing in the hardware sector, where physical presence has often been the norm. Manuel sheds light on how PowerX has successfully fostered a mission-driven culture that caters to a remote workforce. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the future of HR.

Valuable Startup Insights

Our conversation with Manuel doesn’t stop at the realm of remote work and climate change. We also unveil invaluable insights on acquiring initial customers and attracting early employees as a startup. These gems of wisdom are a must-listen for entrepreneurs embarking on their own journeys.

To listen to the full episode and gain more insights, tune in to “Simplify Work.” This is one episode that promises inspiration and thought-provoking ideas.

Manuel Schoenfeld on how to build a mission driven, remote first, AI Hardware company

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